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Ibidunni Ighodalo Foundation (IIF) announces the commencement of its 40at40 initiative in accordance with its founders last wish before she transited on Sunday 14th June, 2019. Her desire was to celebrate her 40th birthday which would have come up on the 19th of July by granting 40 couples in dire need of reproductive interventions a once in a lifetime opportunity to become parents. The board of IIF is determined to ensure that her last wish is fulfilled.

Speaking during the launch of the initiative, Chairman of the Foundation, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo, said “We understand the emotional, psychological and financial strain that comes with pursuing fertility treatments and having gone through that pain herself, Ibidunni in her lifetime made it her life’s work to help desiring but struggling parents; we are committed to Ibidunni’s vision to give joy and keep hope alive.

Since her demise, IIF has enlarged and strengthened its board, governance structures have been put in place all in a bid to ensure capacity to deliver on her last wish and more. A transparent application and selection process has been put in place and we actively seek the support of everyone to keep this dream alive.

The Executive Secretary of the foundation Mrs Adedayo Richard also added that the annual activities the foundation was known for will continue, – The flagship IVF annual grants, the Mothers in waiting conference, the babies day out, hospital visits amongst many others. IIF, also known for their advocacy against stigmatization will continue their active sensitization programs.

As with most grants, the chairman noted that certain technicalities must be met by applicants to ensure that the grants are made available to those who need them the most. More Information on criteria is available on all the foundation’s platforms. Interested applicants and donors should visit the foundation’s website www.ibidunnifoundation.org

Those who wish to support the foundation financially and in other ways are  encouraged to do so.