I went out late yesterday evening for a meeting with my dear sister Oluwatoyin Olokun Onigbanjo of August Secrets and decided to take tricycle since the meeting point isn’t far from home and to relax my muscles a little, on my way back I took another tricycle, the guy at the edge wanted me to sit in the middle and I politely asked him to move inside , immediately I settled in the guy in front who had a red like material he held like an handkerchief winked to the two guys at the back ( one decently dressed , the other had the look of a street urchin) at that moment I knew something wasn’t right and I asked the driver to stop , just before I put my second leg out the guy who refused to move inside initially tried pulling my top back forcefully but I wrestled and freed myself from his grip, I saw another tricycle stopping at the same busstop, ran and jumped in , at that moment the other one branched into a street and ran off.

I explained to the driver of my “saviour” tricycle and he told me there have been reports of missing persons as regards tricycle kidnap in the last two weeks and I should be grateful I didn’t sit in the middle and the one in front didn’t put the red clothe on me before I had the grace to get down.

I wasn’t myself till I got home , looking back now I think God himself made the driver stop because with whatever charm they had on them they would have taken me into that street perhaps. So many “what ifs” but I’m more grateful for the “what didn’t”.

“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadows of the Almighty, I will say of the LORD he is my refuge and my fortress , My God in him will I trust”.

Please let’s be watchful , wicked people ain’t smiling this hard time.

No evil shall befall anyone of us.