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Nihmatallah Akashat is a Lawyer, Wife , Mom and one of the beautiful faces on popular daytime show “Your View”. The graduate of Law from the Lagos State University; stands out daily with her Hijab on our screen, reflecting the beauty of inclusion and showing us that the hijab is not an hindrance in anyway to women fulfilling their God given purpose.She shares her inspiring story and the challenges of being an influential figure in this interview.

Childhood preparation

Nothing prepared me for this career path. This is because I didn’t plan to be a tv host. However, I had always been opinionated and my expressions accommodated by my dad especially. This gave me an edge at my very first audition. I had something to say about all the topics I was thrown because I had been encouraged to have an opinion about everything. I watched Yourview from the beginning and hoped they will consider having a Muslim co-host. So I will say, I was inspired because I was a Muslim and Islam was not being represented well at the time I joined.

My Hijab Identity

My hijab is my identity. Without it I cannot appear in public among non family members. It is a religious covering yes, but for me it’s about functionality. Also part of the program setting is to have women from different cultures and beliefs on a show. We are glad to reflect that and show the world that every woman regardless of their ethnic background and religions counts.

Still a Lawyer

Yes, I am still practicing law. I am now managing partner cynosure practice barristers and solicitor. A law firm I co founded in 2016

Being  a wife, Mom, TV Host and managing it all

It is the grace of God and setting of the right priorities. Family first and most pressing career need next. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the show or the firm. I have a support system also to help with my children and a very supportive husband.

My Inspiration

The life of the Prophet Muhammed is my inspiration. Even though he was a great leader he related and was touched by the ordinary people. I made it my model and it’s worked for me. I am inspired by the realistic success stories of ordinary people.


Yourview has made me very influential but not yet rich however it gives the impression that am both rich and influential. This have made a lot of people come to me for help for every single kind of problem. Infact my pro bono cases are more than I can take. This is a major challenge for me. I am  constantly, trying to say no . It’s very hard to explain to people that your job isn’t proportional to your bank account. sometimes.

On giving up

A few times I have felt like giving up. Especially, when it concerns family. However, I am patient with the situation and find the will to continue again.

Being a Woman of Rubies

I think that will be the fact that I am resilient. I am a fighter. I don’t give up.

Advice to aspiring Muslim TV host

My advice to  aspiring Muslim tv host. Trust yourself and be unapologetically Muslim. You can achieve that by acquiring a balanced knowledge of your religion and any other discipline of your choice. The confidence comes from the knowledge and the acceptance of your way of life which is Islam. Sell your religion wherever you go by being an ambassador of Islam.