Tito Idakula


Bolatito ‘Tito’ Bez-Idakula’s story is a perfect example of turning a mess into a message, a test into a testimony. Tito got married in 2014 to her musician husband, Bez Idakula.

In  July 2015, they lost their daughter after a full-term pregnancy.

After the tragic loss, she launched her website MyLightHouse.com.ng to help spread the message of God’s love through a tragic loss. The website says it is aimed at “Providing Women With A Place Of Refuge And Light When The Storms And Darkness Of The World Become Overwhelming.”

As if that was not enough, on September 7th of the same year, she suffered a miscarriage after 10 weeks of pregnancy.

That was enough to break anyone down, but not Tito, she picked herself up and continued to run the ‘MyLightHouse’ platform, sharing messages of faith, hope, and love of God.

Fast-forward to July 2016, the family welcomed their bundle of Joy.

Tito continues to be such a major inspiration. Her and her husband’s story of hope and faith after loss and also Tito’s website has impacted many since it launched last year.

Here are some few facts about Tito :

  1. She is the daughter of former Oyo state governor, Rasheed Ladoja.
  2. She holds a B.Sc in Political and International studies from University of Warwick.
  3. She also has a Masters degree in Management from the Imperial College, London.
  4. She once worked as a banker.
  5. She is a pastor and functions as a youth minister at the Guiding Light Assembly Church in Ikoyi where she got married to Bez.
  6. She is a writer and motivational speaker.
  7. Tito is also the founder of My Lighthouse, an interactive platform where women share their life experiences.
  8. She is also an OAP at Nigeria’s first women radio station, WFM.