Feeling worthless , down or unmotivated? This article is for you.

It hit hard by a message Inbox yesterday when a sister told me she feels useless because nothing is working for her, and she needed words of encouragement. Encouragement is one of the easiest things you could give anyone, If you yourself have enjoyed being encouraged several times.

Feelings of worthlessness can come at any time in your life, but if you are suddenly feeling like you can’t do anything right or that you aren’t worthy of the things you have in your life, you might be wondering what has happened to your self-confidence.

You are not alone. Feelings of unworthiness can be triggered at any time, especially during your development years.

What’s even more possible is that if you are struggling with your self-confidence as an adult, it’s likely that you have had some experience with others telling you that you aren’t worthy and you might have been harboring those old feelings in some way now.

If you can’t shake that feeling that your self-confidence is waning, it might be time to start exploring why that is. Here’s how.

  1. Someone else has been telling you that you are not good enough

    It’s hard to understand why anyone would say mean things to another person, especially unprovoked, but many people grow up in households where they have been told repeatedly that they are worthless.The more you dig into your thoughts about what others have said about you or to you, the less power they have over you and the more likely you are to be able to create new thoughts about yourself.

  2. You are comparing yourself to others 

    You probably spend a lot of time looking at other people, reading about other people, wishing you had another life, made more money, had a different job or house.If you find yourself doing this, you need to stop and start practicing gratitude for what you have in your life.

  3. You’ve experienced great change in your life

    Sometimes a change in our identity can alter our sense of self. If you have been separated or divorced (Like me)  or lost a job, you might not know how to quantify your value.Many people look to their careers as a way to validate their success in the world and if you have recently lost yours, you might find it difficult to relate to others and the life you once had.When you’re dealing with trauma or heartbreaking change, it can become easy to blame yourself.

  4. You feel like everyone is against you


    You might find that you feel bad about yourself, not because of the thoughts you are having about yourself, but because of the thoughts you are having about other people!Sometimes we put words in other people’s mouths and we think they are thinking things about us even when they are not.

    If you feel like the whole world is against you, it’s not because they are out to get you, it’s because you think they are. When you create these situations in your mind, you find that they often come true.You’ll start to see evidence of how people are working against you, even when they are not.In order to deal with this, you need to turn your attention inward and ask yourself why you think people are out to get you.

  5. You are Negative:

    I was this person for a longtime , till I found my own light.Do you find yourself dwelling on criticisms or mistakes you’ve made? That negative events tend to draw your attention more than positive events? It is called “Negative Bias”. They keep you in a negative box.

What to do when you feel worthless?

  1. Get up and Keep it moving, Be your own motivation
  2. Ask Questions: Ask questions about how you do things, why you do them, and what you get out of them. Use the information you discover to help you move forward. For me, I find that writing in a journal every day allows me to get to know what I’m really thinking and feeling.
  3. Be Present , Be in the now: Lack of self-confidence often comes from living in the future. Being in the now allows you to accept where you are and where you’ve come from instead of putting pressure on yourself to get where you are trying to go later. It is called “Mindfulness” , It is  a tool I use to draw myself back to the present and focus on what is most important; Now.

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In Conclusion

Feeling worthless is a common human experience for many people. Whether it’s from growing up in a non-supportive environment, a trauma-based event or the tendency to compare ourselves to others, feelings of worthlessness are difficult to deal with no matter who you are.

But learning to practice mindfulness to allow us to question our own thoughts and emotions allows us to take a step back from the mind and understand that we don’t need to think negatively about ourselves.

Taking an objective look at reality will allow you to see that you have a lot of potential and skills, a lot to be grateful for, and you don’t need to believe your own negative thoughts.


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