Temitope Omotosho

Temitope Omotoso is an Event Planner,Trainer and a Jewelry stylist. She studied Marketing and Sociology at Olabisi Onabanjo University. She is the Manager of ToshEvents; a solution-driven company that offers quality event planning/consultation services for its clients, either social or corporate within and outside the shores of Nigeria.
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My childhood prepared me in many ways. I grew up in a family of 6 ( five girls and a boy) and as the 3rd child, I grew up fast as my elder sisters went to a boarding school. I had a fun childhood because my house was a ‘girls’ hostel’. My dad would wake me up three times in a week, as early as 4 am, to read(he would also read) and I would cry that I had no exams in view. He always said “I am preparing you for your future”. Now I truly understand all that sacrifice.
During our annual family thanksgiving boxing day parties, I was your go-to-girl because I was always up and about, coordinating.That was when my Event Planning skills started playing out. I would hoard meat and drinks such that guests who showed up days after our party would relish it. My sisters started calling me “iya meto” and it was from their mouth to the ears of God Almighty. I inherited hard work, honesty and diligence from both my parents which has become strong attribute for this entrepreneurial journey.
Meet Me
Temitope Omotoso is a Passionate Event Planner,Trainer and a Jewelry stylist who has a vision of owning a one-stop event Boutique. I have a background in Marketing and Sociology from Olabisi Onabanjo University. I also went ahead to run a short course on Strategic Business Management. With experience in Consulting,Business Development and Real Estate sector for close to 4 years.
My core quality is the ability to multitask and meet very difficult deadlines. I love to take on challenges as it builds me up.
I was the Head of Business Strategy at my last job and it prepared me on how to switch roles as a team leader and team member. I am a natural logistics person with excellent interpersonal skills.
I also honed my business skills at EDC of Lagos Business School which keeps me grounded in this tough clime
Inspiration behind ToshEvents
All great ideas come from God. I sought God’s face in prayer and fasting on the way forward and He brought me back to my first love-Event Planning. That’s how ToshEvents came to be. Prior to this,I had done so many businesses from University days. I sold clothes, I traveled up to the North to buy and sell gold jewelry, with my mum being a strong support system. She sold more stuff for me than I did. Her friends,church members were eagerly paying for my wares. I traveled to Ghana to buy Ankara fabrics immediately I left the university while waiting for NYSC call up letter. I stopped Fabric business when Daviva came to Nigeria. I had learn how to cash in and cash out early enough. I learnt venue decorations and I decorated at my sisters wedding five years ago. I planned two of my sisters’ weddings and also did free event planning for some friends to garner experience. Some of these businesses were done to make ends meet, some I did so I won’t be idle, and some to fulfill a particular purpose at that time. I had always had an entrepreneurial mindset. I resigned my job to settle in to my business properly. It is not a sin to start small but it is a sin to remain small. I started really small and was tempted to go back to paid employment but because i had divine instruction i forged ahead.
Human capital- Having the right people.Allocating the right resources with the right skill is an everyday challenge. Another challenge is Budget- as Event planners we need to provide our clients with creative solutions to combat shrinking budget.While the Economic downturn continues event managers are having to constantly offer unique inspirations on tighter budget. Also, we have unprofessional vendors. I think it is not enough to be talented,the right skills have to be learnt to stay in business. Especially because it is a team-based industry so this can’t be wished away. There is a need for some people to be immersed into Customer Service Training. You can teach people technical but you can’t teach people personality- Walt Disney.
Projects and activities
We are so excited about our project tagged”High Performance” training in 2017 and the great part is the first and second batch will be absolutely free. We are partnering with some industry professionals.We believe so much in giving back. Some people gave their time, resources, contacts,prayers and encouragement to get us to where we are now. Who are we not to give?
Greatest reward
Asides from the cash and gift reward…when I get positive feedback from the men who were not so particular about Event Planning during consultation. They suddenly become expressive,praying and wishing me well. Tears of joy flows freely from my eyes. It is an awesome feeling to win people over by giving excellent service. Also when they refer us to friends who need our services. They become an Evangelist of our business.That’s so gratifying.
Nigerians appreciation of Event Planners
Yes, I think Nigerians are getting to appreciate Event Planners. We work with all industry sectors so our importance can’t be under estimated. People are more enlightened that the Event Planner ensures that the multitude of vendors are simultaneously doing their part at a stipulated time frame towards achieving the one common goal to execute a successful event.
I am a Woman of Rubies
I consider myself a Woman of Rubies because God loves me so much. I love people and derive so much joy in putting smile on their faces. I am so selfless that I give with all my heart.
Final Words
God expects multiplication for every talent he gave us so there is no limit to what we can be and achieve.
Stay true to yourself always.Keep learning so as to build capacity.We need to pay attention to our physical bodies,eat healthy,exercise and take enough rest.