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Stylist Piazza, a leading beauty and style platform, is thrilled to announce its media partnership with the incredible #GetTalkingwithEsther. This collaboration marks a transformative journey to redefine beauty and provide unparalleled beauty experiences to audiences worldwide.

As a company, Stylist Piazza is dedicated to empowering individuals to embrace their unique beauty and style. Through this exciting partnership with #GetTalkingwithEsther, Stylist Piazza aims to elevate its mission by combining expertise, passion, and innovation to create an extraordinary beauty journey, says Chima Obiaka, Founder & CEO of Stylist Piazza.

Esther Ijewere is renowned for her expertise, captivating storytelling, and unwavering commitment to helping individuals find their voice and promote positivity. Together, Stylist Piazza and #GetTalkingwithEsther will deliver inspiring content, educational resources, and exclusive beauty experiences to their audience.

This partnership will unlock the secrets of beauty, share empowering stories, and provide valuable tools and knowledge to enhance beauty routines and career paths within the beauty and personal care service industry. Esther Ijewere, the esteemed host of #GetTalkingwithEsther, expressed her excitement about the media partnership:
“I am absolutely thrilled to kick off the month with this incredible media partnership with Stylist Piazza for my #GettalkingwithEsther live show. This opportunity is a true testament to the power of consistency, and importance of creating valuable media contents. I am grateful for the chance to reach a wider audience and bring more engaging content to everyone through my social media platforms. Stay tuned for exciting episodes and updates!” – Esther Ijewere, Host of #GettalkingwithEsther.

Together, Stylist Piazza and #GetTalkingwithEsther will revolutionize beauty experiences, foster self-expression, and empower individuals worldwide to embrace their unique beauty and style.

About Stylist Piazza

Stylist Piazza is a leading beauty tool (beauty and personal care service booking app) providing on-demand beauty services for the African beauty industry. we are helping beauty and personal care service professionals manage client CRM, fair payment process, solving Value pricing and how services are being accessed with easier steps at the convenience of the client.
Think bolt, think stylist piazza app for the beauty industry. With stylist piazza customers come to you on the app and not a salon. Follow stylist piazza on Facebook, Instagram @stylistpiazza.

About #GetTalkingwithEsther

#GetTalkingwithEsther is an engaging live show hosted by Esther Ijewere, a passionate advocate for finding one’s voice and promoting positivity. Through insightful conversations and expert advice, #GetTalkingwithEsther empowers individuals to communicate effectively, elevate their confidence, and make a positive impact in their lives and communities. The show is syndicated on Youtube channel via @estherijewere4

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