Maria Frankis, a talented actor born and raised in Essex, UK, has been captivating audiences with her exceptional performances and dynamic presence. Her journey in the arts began early, studying acting, dancing, and singing, which laid a strong foundation for her career. In 2011, Maria made a significant move to Toronto, Canada, where her passion for acting continued to flourish, fueling her desire to create the most compelling on-screen characters.

Maria’s dedication and hard work have paid off remarkably. She recently landed a nationwide commercial, becoming the face of Aveeno, a testament to her growing influence in the industry. Moreover, her first Hallmark Christmas movie, “A Not So Royal Christmas,” released in December 2023, showcases her versatility and charm, adding a festive touch to her expanding portfolio.

Maria Frankis

Shining in “The Life Coach”

Maria’s latest role truly highlights her range and talent. She shines as Jennifer in “The Life Coach,” produced by Canadian media mogul Patricia Bebia Mawa and Broadframe Media. The film also stars Linda Osifo, Kosa Akaraiwe, Sylvain Plasse, and Lori Canlas. Maria’s portrayal of Jennifer is a perfect blend of emotional depth and humor, reminding viewers to find light in the darkest moments. Through her character, Maria explores themes of love, healing, and community, sparking important conversations about life’s complexities and the strength of human connections.

In “The Life Coach,” Jennifer navigates personal challenges and triumphs, reflecting a relatable journey that resonates with many. Maria’s ability to blend emotional depth with humor makes her character incredibly engaging, drawing audiences into her world and leaving a lasting impact.

A Journey of Passion and Dedication

Maria Frankis’s rise in the acting world is inspiring, marked by her relentless pursuit of excellence and her ability to bring authenticity to every role. From her Essex roots to her thriving career in Toronto, Maria continues to build a legacy of compelling performances that entertain and provoke thought. Her journey is a testament to the power of passion and dedication in achieving one’s dreams.

Catch Maria’s Performance

Don’t miss Maria’s captivating performance in “The Life Coach.” Produced by Broadway Media, the film is set to become a significant contribution to Canadian cinema. Through her character, Maria not only entertains but also sparks meaningful discussions about love, resilience, and the power of community. Maria Frankis is undoubtedly a star on the rise, and her journey in Canada is one to watch closely.

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Biodun Stephen is a distinguished Nigerian filmmaker and writer with a portfolio of notable and globally acclaimed films. As the founder of Shutterspeed Projects, a content production company established in 2014, she has been at the forefront of creating numerous entertaining and inspiring films and series that resonate with audiences worldwide.

A Decade of Storytelling

Over the past decade, Biodun Stephen has carved a niche for herself by crafting heartfelt, human-angle stories inspired by her personal experiences and environment. Her background in advertising copywriting and radio has significantly influenced her filmmaking career, instilling a deep understanding of the power of communication through visual storytelling. She firmly believes that film serves as a vehicle for entertainment, communication, and education.

Acclaimed Works and Recognitions

Since founding Shutterspeed Projects, Biodun Stephen has written, produced, and directed films that have earned nominations and awards within Nigeria, across Africa, and internationally. Her notable films include:

  • The Visit: Praised for its minimal yet insightful cast, story, and originality, it received two nominations at the 2016 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards.
  • Picture Perfect: Received five nominations and won two awards at the 2017 Best of Nollywood Awards.
  • Breaded Life: Nominated for Best Film West Africa at the AMVCA 2021.
  • Tiwa’s Baggage: Earned her a nomination for Best Director at the 2018 City People Movie Awards.
  • Seven and a Half Dates: Recommended by Guardian as a must-see film.
  • Sista: An award-winning film that explores the struggles of single mothers.
  • Momiwa: Starring Uzor Arukwe and Blessing Obasi Nze.

Other popular films such as Ovy’s Voice, Ehis Bitters, and Looking for Baami topped Iroko Viewer’s Choice Awards in 2017, 2018, and 2019 respectively. Her exceptional work in screenwriting earned her the AMVCA award for Best Screenplay, and she has received international awards for Best Director for films like Last Days and Strangers.

Shutterspeed Projects

Under Biodun’s leadership, Shutterspeed Projects has become a prominent name in the film industry, with its productions featured on major platforms such as Mnet’s DStv, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Iroko TV. The company continues to push the boundaries of storytelling, ensuring that its films reach a global audience.

Memorable Characters and Strong Narratives

One of Biodun Stephen’s indispensable approaches to storytelling is the creation of strong, memorable characters that resonate with audiences long after the viewing experience. Characters like “Jobe” in Picture Perfect, “Todowede” in Breaded Life, and “Ajinde” in Looking for Baami  ‘Sista’  and most recently, ‘Momiwa’ have become fan favorites, showcasing her talent for developing relatable and enduring personas.

Directorial Achievements

Beyond her writing and production prowess, Biodun has also directed several successful films, including:

  • Aki and Paw Paw
  • Introducing the Kujus

Her directorial style is marked by meticulous attention to production details and a commitment to bringing out the best in her cast, ensuring that every project she undertakes is of the highest quality.

Personal Life and Philosophy

Biodun Stephen was born in Lagos, Nigeria. Her passion for storytelling was evident from a young age, leading her to pursue a career in filmmaking. Her personal experiences and keen observations of her environment continue to fuel her creativity and dedication to the craft. She is a firm believer in the transformative power of film, using her platform to communicate, educate, and entertain.

Looking Ahead

Biodun Stephen remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of storytelling and filmmaking. With a vision to continually inspire and entertain, she aims to create more groundbreaking films that highlight African stories on a global stage. Her commitment to excellence and her innovative approach to filmmaking make her a formidable force in the industry.

For more about Biodun Stephen and her work, visit her social media platforms. Follow her journey as she continues to empower and inspire through the art of film.

Storytelling is the compelling thread that weaves through the fabric of today’s dynamic digital media landscape. It has become a game-changer for individuals and brands seeking to enhance their visibility. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, professional, or influencer, mastering the art of storytelling can significantly elevate your presence in this ever-evolving media space. Here are five effective tips to help you leverage storytelling for increased media visibility.

  1. Craft an Engaging Origin Story

    Your journey is unique, and sharing the story of how you started can captivate your audience. Craft an engaging origin story that outlines your challenges, triumphs, and pivotal moments. An authentic and compelling origin story establishes a strong foundation for your brand and resonates with your audience.

  2. Spotlight Success Stories and Achievements

    Incorporate success stories and case studies into your narrative. Whether it’s showcasing client transformations, project successes, or personal achievements, these real-world examples add credibility to your story. Highlighting your accomplishments demonstrates the practical impact of your skills and expertise.

  3. Integrate Storytelling Across Your Content Strategy

    Infuse storytelling into your content strategy across various platforms. From blog posts to social media updates and video content, ensure that your narrative is consistent. A cohesive storytelling approach reinforces your brand identity and keeps your audience engaged across different mediums.

  4. Humanize Your Brand with Personal Anecdotes

    Humanize your brand by sharing personal anecdotes and experiences. Whether it’s overcoming challenges, moments of vulnerability, or lighthearted stories that showcase your personality, humanizing your brand creates a deeper connection with your audience. People relate to the human element in stories.

  5. Create Compelling Visual Narratives

    Enhance your storytelling with visually appealing elements. Incorporate graphics, share images, and leverage video content that complements your narrative. Engaging visual narratives not only capture attention but also make your stories more shareable, extending your reach across different media platforms.


As you navigate the dynamic landscape of media, storytelling emerges as a potent tool to increase visibility. By crafting an engaging origin story, spotlighting successes, integrating storytelling into your content strategy, humanizing your brand, and creating compelling visual narratives, you can effectively leverage storytelling to boost your media presence. Implement these five tips and watch as your narrative resonates, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.