Soul food line


Music icon Patti LaBelle is expanding her huge frozen foods empire with a new line of soul food that will be sold at Walmart.

Onstage at Essence Festival on July 8, LaBelle announced that she was partnering with Walmart to sell a line of frozen soul food that she believed was one of the first widely available.

“Coming soon to a Walmart near you, you’ll have my savory foods. There will be nine skus, foods like macaroni and cheese. It’s greens, it’s brisket, it’s chicken and biscuits, and five more I can’t think of them,” she said onstage during a cooking presentation.

In addition to her legendary singing career, LaBelle has created a wildly successful line of pies that have sold out at Walmarts across the country since 2015.

With the success of her pies, she decided to move into frozen foods, starting an inventive line of frozen dumplingsthat are also sold at Walmart. 

“Patti LaBelle and I are now partners in our new Co BCH GROCERS LLC – bringing frozen dumplings such as French Onion Soup, Pastrami, Lamb Gyro & Bacon Cheeseburger Dumplings to Walmart – adding to the huge success with Walmart of Ms Patti’s record selling Sweet Potato pies,” famed author and restaurateur Stratis Morfogen said after celebrating the deal at Brooklyn Chop House with LaBelle, her son Zuri Edwards, Alex Thompson and Charles Suitt. 

Credit: blavity.com