Simisola Adegoke


C-mi (pronounced C.M.I), Adegoke Adesimisola Alice is a Nigerian born, France based artist poised to take the Nigerian and French scene by storm. She started recording in 2002, heavily influenced by Whitney Houston, Jay-Z and Eve. So she easily swings between Afrobeat, Rap, Pop-Reggae and others.

In 2011, C-mi won the Bitbender freestyle competition in Lagos and then relocated to Malaysia in May of same year, where she released her first single— ‘Nani’. In her music journey, she has shared the stage with 2Baba, Kelly Handsome, Terry G, Morachi among others, while performing in shows from Nigeria to Malaysia and across France, among others.

The versatile artiste, and multi-tasking mom of 4, and wife shares her inspiring journey exclusively with Esther Ijewere in this interview.


Childhood Influence

I grew up in a family where music was literally a part of our daily lives. We used to sing and dance all the time. My younger sisters and I would sing while washing clothes and our neighbors would listen and they even advised us to form a group ‘THE SOLAS’ lol. We would make a circle around our centre table and beat the table with our palms to make drum sounds and just sing. Every member of my family composed songs so my Dad bought a mini tape recorder where we used to record every time we had an inspiration. It was so great. I was also very active in the church choir from the age of five. So, yes my childhood prepared me for where I am and what I do right now. I was born in Egbeda, Lagos but my family moved to Ijegun, Ikotun, Lagos when I was about 8.  I am the first of 6 children so I had to grow up and be responsible from a young age


My Passion for Music

I have always known from a very tender age that Music is the way to go for me so although life happened, I have always managed to keep that dream alive.


The Journey so far

It hasn’t been easy, but I have managed to keep pushing because the dream is very much alive in me and Valid.  I have had a lot of support, disappointments and discouragements from people in the Industry and even from friends and families. I just focus on the good stuff and block out the negativity.


Performing with A-list artists

I haven’t had the opportunity to record with any A-list Artist but I have performed shows with them and the one that stood out for me was the ASAM Awards in Malaysia where I got to share the stage with Tuface Idibia. His humility and energy stood out for me, and I am very grateful for that experience.


Living in a Francophone country, and breaking into the music industry

Initially it was a great challenge because most of my songs are in English and Yoruba but music is a universal language so the vibe and energy in my songs made it easy for people to connect.  Now I try to infuse French in my songs too, so everyone is involved. I have met great people that have been very supportive of my brand and my Music too.

Lending my Voice to the #EndSars Campaign In France as an Artist

Personally, it made me discover a part of me I didn’t really pay attention to. The movement made me believe more than ever that there is still hope for humanity, anything is possible, and we are stronger together. It gave me more visibility as an artist. I stand against injustice and would not hesitate to lend my voice to any because that makes our world a better place.


It’s the same everywhere I guess, nothing good comes easy. It hasn’t been easy getting a lot of paid gigs. I’ve had to do a lot of stuff myself before setting up my team. Getting a record deal is very challenging too.

 2 Women Who Inspire me to be Better and why

My Mum: Because she did not have an easy life but she was very hardworking, very industrious and always did her best to take care of her family and everyone around her. She taught me the act of service, how to be a good mother and how to be kind. 2) Oprah Winfrey : As one of the most powerful black women, Her story is very inspiring and makes me believe that we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

 Being a Woman of Rubies

I am a woman of rubies because I am BRAVE, I refuse to take my God given talents to the Grave, I am also resilient and regardless of all the hardships life has dealt me, I have managed to stay kind, stay true to myself and to my DREAMS .  I am a woman of rubies because I choose to always be positive and see the good in everyone and everything.  I am a woman of rubies because I want to encourage everyone to be the best they can be!  I am a mother of Four. I’m still working on my lifelong dreams. If I can do it, you can do it.

To every woman out there, Why be ok when YOU CAN BE MORE???

Being a mom, wife music composer,  artist, and managing it all

Initially it was a hot mess juggling all these things, but I was intentional about it so it got better.

I prioritize everything. My time, energy, finances, etc. I try to strike a balance and I always pray to God for guidance and help.  My partner is also very supportive so it makes everything easier, I am so grateful for him.

Other Projects and Activities

I am presently working on a lot of projects. I recently released a new single titled HUSTLE, working on my Debut Album to be released in December, just put together a band for live concerts. I am recording and writing new songs and also working on video clips for my singles.  I am also working with an association here in France CULTURE PREMS to encourage other young talents in my city and mentor them. I am also into Events planning and photography so I’ve got a lot of projects I’m working on.

Nigerian artiste I’d like to collaborate with

I would love to collaborate with Simi and Davido

C-MI brand  in 5 Years

In five years, C-Mi would be a household name. My songs would have spread all over. I would be having SOLD OUT shows and my Music and brand would be making a positive impact on lives. I would be giving back to my community.