Sheila Ngoli Akputa


Sheila Ngoli Akputa wears two hats – one as a dedicated Business Analyst and the other as the compassionate founder of PESBODS (Peachman’s Smile Boosters Organization for Children Living with Disabilities, Autism, and Sickle Cell). Sheila is a person who exemplifies resilience, empathy, and the unwavering determination to make a difference in the lives of those facing adversity.

A Dual Role

Sheila’s days in the office involve meticulously dissecting complex data, finding innovative solutions to intricate problems, and contributing significantly to the workings of a government organization. It’s a role that demands precision, intellect, and strategic thinking. Yet, what sets Sheila apart is her remarkable ability to balance this demanding career with her other calling – advocating for children with disabilities.

PESBODS – A Beacon of Hope

PESBODS is not just an organization for Sheila; it’s a labor of love, a testament to her unwavering commitment to improving the lives of children facing significant challenges. This organization is a haven for children living with disabilities, autism, and sickle cell, and it extends its compassionate embrace to the caregivers who tirelessly support them.

Community Engagement Extraordinaire

Sheila’s deep knowledge of community-level engagement has been instrumental in driving PESBODS forward. She understands that change starts at the grassroots, and her dedication to grassroots advocacy is a testament to her true passion. Soft-spoken and humble, Sheila’s approachability endears her to all who have the privilege of knowing her.

Children with Disabilities
Sheila Ngoli Akputa- Founder, PESBODS

A Personal Mission

What sets Sheila’s advocacy apart is its deeply personal nature. Her son, who is about to turn eight, has faced countless medical procedures since just two weeks after his birth. Sheila has been a witness to her son’s resilience and the immense strength he summons daily. It’s a journey no parent should have to undertake, yet Sheila has done so with grace and tenacity.

Heartache and Loss

Sheila’s determination to make a difference is also rooted in heartache. She has tragically lost two cousins to sickle cell disease, a painful experience that left an indelible mark on her and her family. The loss of these young lives has been a stark reminder of the challenges many families face when dealing with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

Empowering Children

Sheila’s vision for PESBODS goes beyond providing assistance; it’s about instilling confidence and inspiring children to believe in their potential despite their disabilities. She wants these young souls to recognize their abilities, to aspire, and to know that their dreams are within reach.

In a world often focused on profit margins and individual success, Sheila stands as a beacon of compassion and empathy. Her dual roles as a proficient Business Analyst and a tireless advocate for children with disabilities are a testament to the multifaceted nature of her character. With her unwavering dedication and personal connection to the cause, Sheila is helping to reshape the lives of children and families in need, one smile at a time. She is a true inspiration to us all, reminding us that even in the most demanding of careers, there’s always room for compassion and the pursuit of a better world for those who need it most.