Sharon Aforo Acheampong


Mavis Kusi and Sharon Aforo Acheampong are two young Ghanaian women graduates who have just perfected a device that can incapacitate mosquitoes. The goal is to prevent insects from biting humans to help eradicate mosquitoes completely from Ghana.

The device is composed of IoT technology and is able to repel and collect data on mosquitoes that are within two meters in specific areas

According to various reports, Kusi and Acheampong were motivated by the apparent lack of impact of mosquito repellent products in Ghana. Kusi says the product is sold at a reduced cost and would help people do their business without fear of mosquitoes.

Available information suggests that some outpatient departments in Ghana have identified about 11 million cases of malaria in 2018, up from 10 million in 2017. 428 people died from malaria in 2018. This is a decrease of 29% compared to 2017, when 599 people died.