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Oge Obi, an investigative journalist who is said to be the brain behind award-winning BBC Sex For Grade documentary, has allegedly attempted suicide.

The attempted suicide comes few days after a renowned journalist, Ruona J. Meyer called out Kiki Mordi, the face behind the explosive documentary for allegedly taking sole credit for the creative work and sidelining Obi, who worked on the project under a pseudonym – Kemi Alabi.

The allegation generated outrage from many Twitter users and Kiki Mordi in a reaction the following day refuted accusations that she robbed people of their ideas in respect of the multi-award-winning documentary.

However, Obi earlier today, Sunday made three alarming tweets where she revealed her intention to take her own life.

In the first tweet, she wrote; “pointless”, afterwards she asked her followers to help her make a choice between two harmful substances.

Obi later made a post of her in tears, apolgizing for her next line of action, which appears to be the attempted suicide.

Shortly after this, a Twitter user who appears to be her friend, @joshbillzz announced that the young lady indeed attempted to take her life as she was found lifeless at home.

Oge Obi, Journalist And Sex For Grade Documentary Team Member, Allegedly Attempts Suicide

He revealed in a now-deleted that Oge was rushed to the hospital after she drank two bottles of sniper. The man added that they had to break the door in other to get inside the room.

Oge Obi, Journalist And Sex For Grade Documentary Team Member, Allegedly Attempts SuicideGiving another update, @joshbillzz stated that Obi was at General Hospital after being given an antidote for the poisonous substance she ingested but that the young lady was in pains, as at the time of filing this report.

He afterwards gave a reason for the deleted tweet, saying that he was trying to respect Obi and her privacy.

Source: Mojidelano.com