When two love birds get married, naturally, the next phase is parenthood! However, when this doesn’t happen as soon as they expect, the couple begins to experience a whole gamut of emotions including worry, fear, anger, disappointment, frustration, and so on. Some people even begin to develop a negative self-concept. The love that once ran so deep begins to lose its depth, as the couple has to deal with external pressure in addition to the emotional rollercoaster they are experiencing.

The Waiting Room Seminar will provide an emotionally supportive environment for such couples to expressly dialogue about the impact of this struggle on their lives, without feeling judged. The inability to effectively communicate feelings results in negative interactions and sometimes no interaction at all and this further drives a wedge between the couple. Therefore the couples will learn effective communication, as well as effective coping skills to deal with the struggle to conceive.

The couples will also be encouraged by the testimonies of others who were able to navigate this journey successfully as a team against all odds, and where all hope has been lost, there will be a rebirth!

The main essence of this seminar is for each couple to eventually be able to look back on their seemingly tumultuous journey to parenthood and proudly say “We made it and emerged even stronger as a unit!”

Here is the registration link :  bit.ly/2jvwwtd

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