Ruke asagba


Four years ago, Ruke Asagba established CAIN (Catering to Africans in need) – a non-profit organization that seeks to improve healthcare in Africa and alleviate poverty by creating better educational opportunities.

Born out of a strong need for tangible development in Africa, Ruke’s main target areas are healthcareand education – because at the heart of her foundation is the belief that “education is the key to development while healthcare is the key to longevity.”

In her words:

“The vision for CAIN was born during my final year in high school when I was testing and interviewing high school graduates and OND holders for a minimum wage job.

I was bothered by the inability of many candidates to write and think coherently despite their qualifications.

I decided that one of my future goals would be helping less privileged children access quality education.”

“In my opinion, this was outright injustice because I strongly believe quality education is a right and not a privilege.

This experience coupled with my immense passion for health care influenced the mission of CAIN, which is to improve the quality of education and healthcare received by the less privileged in impoverished African societies.”


Since it’s establishment CAIN has been involved in a bunch of projects like donating books, mounting whiteboards and providing markers to community schoools.

CAIN also helped build a healthcare clinic in Jeida, a small village on the outskirts of Abuja, and recently purchased a building for creating a multi-purpose learning centre.

You can learn more about CAIN on their website