Rita Laurence Ngarambe


Nobody gives you the motivation you need like a Black woman who is determined to rise.  Whether it’s advocacy or our culture, Black women somehow know exactly what’s needed in the moment, when anybody needs a pick me up. In that spirit, we celebrate Rita Laurence Ngarambe, a woman who is using her voice for the black community through her humanitarian work. 

Rita is a youth leader who was born on September 25th, 1997. She also serves as Queen of Emancipation Month Canada.


Born to a Burundian father and a Rwandan mother, she has shown interest in various aspects of charity work and has participated in activism work for women’s rights since the age of 16. She has worked with women and children who were survivors of sexual-based violence and the 1994 genocide against Tutsi. She has also worked hand in hand with organizations that fight against homelessness in Toronto.

Rita’s activities

She has hosted events to contribute and help people affected by natural disasters by creating spaces where all youths of positive minds and change-makers can come together to join forces to work towards positive causes that help support the community and thrive for better humanity in love and unity.

Rita Laurence Ngarambe

Awards and recognition

Rita is a recipient of the 100 accomplished black Canadian women award 2022, in charge of gender in the leadership committee of the RCA Toronto. She is the  Miss Face of Humanity Rwanda and the second global ambassador for love and for humanity.

Her passion for humanity

She is a spoken word artist, who demonstrates her humanitarian activism through the organization she has funded United for Humanity to empower the youth and provide solutions to Humanity’s most pressing issue. Rita is also a host and producer of a TV show “THE CYPER SHOW” that is broadcasted on Go live TV Canada, the show has reached over 60 million.

We celebrate Rita’s resilience and commitment to add value to humanity.