Richard Quest


Veteran actress and director, Genevieve Nnaji, spoke on CNN as a guest of Richard Quest on his Tuesday night show. She explained how difficult it was for her to get funding for the production of her directorial debut movie ‘Lion Heart’ which was acquired by Netflix.


She said:

“For money, we had to self-fund unfortunately, she says, we don’t have adequate funding for movies that we actually intend to go global, there isn’t that provision yet.”

She also mentioned the reason the movie made history as the first one to be acquired by Netflix.

In her words,

“I think the authenticity of the story, which is what I loved about it. It provided an environment which showcases things that makes me proud of our culture, talents, values and the story speaks for itself plus, we focused on the quality this time.”

Genevieve also shared her thought about Nollywood going global. She said,

“What I discovered was that everyone was able to relate to the story at the cinema. I”ve realized that language was the only barrier that we have. We can all identify with culture, pain and love. Our stories are very similar and I think its important that we stay true to ourselves. It was amazing. We had a very diverse crowd and everybody was able to relate to it. It was remarkable, the kind of accolades I got for the film.”

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Credit: fabwoman.ng