Raising children


Do you dream of your children shining in school? Do you want your kids to do better with schoolwork?

You can do your share in helping your children improve their academic performance. Here are some tips you can implement to increase the chances of success in school.

Remember that miracles don’t happen overnight. You have to be patient and wait to get  results after implementing these tips.

• Make them Realize they have to Learn

Children are very likely to learn something new quite easily if it matches their interests. It is totally another story to make your child take a keen interest in a subject he has no liking for.

Let your child know that it is his job to learn everything taught in school — even the uninteresting bits. Share your own experience if that will help.

• Keep Your Expectations High

You don’t have to be super ambitious when it comes to setting targets for your children. However, children tend to perform better at school if parental expectations are reasonably high. In simple words, your child will not do well if you don’t expect her to do well.

• Recognize the Difference between Learning and Studying

There is a stark difference between studying a lesson and learning a lesson. You must be able to recognize this difference if you want better results from your children at school. It is important for children to learn the lesson rather than just studying it.

Test their knowledge by asking questions about a certain lesson on regular occasions. Ask them in such a way that it tests their critical thinking on the lessons at hand. It is important for children to understand that school is merely preparation for real life and real careers in the future.

• Create Proper Learning Environment at Home

A lot has been written about providing your children with a proper learning environment at home. Still, not many parents manage to accomplish this very important task.

You must provide your children with all the necessary facilities to succeed. There should be a study desk, chair and adequate lighting for every child. Similarly, all the school supplies such as pencils, paper, pens, computers, calculators and compasses should be available in abundance. Most importantly, there should be a quiet place in the home for children to study.

• Visit Your Children’s School Often

It is important for you to fully know the physical layout of your child’s school building and the grounds. It will enable you to mentally connect with your children when you ask about their day at school.

Similarly, you must meet their teachers regularly. You should never miss a parent and teachers meeting. It is also imperative to regularly check the school’s website for things like staff’s contact information, school calendar, upcoming events and testing dates.

All these things will help you remain informed about your children’s activities as well as their learning needs and potential.

• Encourage Healthy Habits

The performance of your children at school largely depends on their health as well. Developing good habits at home means they are increasing their chances of excelling.

For instance, your children must have a healthy breakfast in the morning. They should go to bed early so they can have plenty of sleep. Ensure that they don’t spend much time in front of the TV or computer as well.

• Develop a Routine

Helping children organize themselves through a daily routine is also a very good habit to teach. Remember most kids thrive in set routines and structures.

For example, you can ask your children to make their beds, get dressed and take breakfast while you prepare their lunch. You can develop many routines at home but their purpose should be same — helping your children do well in life.

• Let Your Children Solve their Own Problems

Your children must try their level best to solve their own problems before coming to you for help. You deprive the child of an opportunity to solve a problem every time you resolve issues for him. On the other hand, a child who has made all efforts to find the answer but has not succeeded deserves all of your help.

• Have them Do More than Required

Students will learn and retain more if they practice regularly. Have your children practice more than actually required.

For example, ask them to solve more practice problems in addition to those in the teacher’s assignments. You must inspire them to go above and beyond their normal routine to achieve success at school and in life.

• Learning should Continue in all Seasons

Every year, children enjoy three months of summer vacation. However, they should not take a break from learning during these months.

In fact, summer is a good time to learn something new which schools usually don’t teach their students. It is also a good time to revise what your children have learned in the school.

Similarly, your children have all the time to develop new intellectual skills. They have the time to go to libraries and read good books on different topics.

• Set a Good Example

Last but not the least, you must set a good example for your children. Teach them by example that learning continues throughout life and does not stop when you leave school.

Let your children learn from your behaviors when it comes to performing your job and household duties. If you have bad habits yourself, you cannot expect your children to develop good ones. They always tend to follow the path of their parents, making it extremely important for you to be a good example for them.


These are some of the many ways you can help your children shine at school. Keep in mind that not all children are equally capable physically as well as mentally. They have different learning requirements and needs and you must meet all these needs to help them give a good account of themselves in studies.