Public eye


Public Eye’, a show by Funmi Iyanda, a Nigerian media personality, is set to make its television debut on November 1.

In a statement on Friday, the producers said the show will air every Sunday at 5 pm on Television Continental (TVC).

According to the statement, the show, supported by MacArthur Foundation, aims to beam the searchlight on current happenings in the country with a view to improving the situation.

“Nigeria is bleeding. The nation is on the precipice of a revolution sparked by outrage and pain. How do we make sense of everything that is happening? Where do we go from here?,” the statement read.

“Public Eye is here to shine a light through the fog of confusion and fear and provide answers to these nagging questions.”

The show is expected to feature stakeholders from different sectors who will be analysing various issues while also suggesting solutions.

“With Public Eye, Funmi Iyanda brings together the different stakeholders affected by the many problems in Nigeria police brutality, poor education, sexual abuse, and more and those with the power to fix these problems,” it added.

“The problems are not just discussed, but contextualized in a manner that highlights why these problems persist and the solutions.”

You can watch a trailer for the upcoming episode of the show here.