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Omobabinrin Adeola Osideko, a branding expert, social media influencer, and coach has taken to her Instagram page to express her displeasure on how people bully celebrities, public figures, and influencers for the kind of life they chose to live, saying they are misleading their followers.

She said “influencing is a huge responsibility because you become a role model to many of the people you influence (willingly or unwillingly). You because the lens through which many see the world, the yardstick which they use to measure right from wrong. This is something aspiring influencers should have in mind as they seek and work towards the highly coveted influencer title.

I understand and agree that public figures, influencers, and celebrities need to watch how they live their life as long as they are there in the public and have a lot of people looking up to them, but the plain truth is that we do NOT have control over how they live their lives. We only have control over how we allow them to influence us, who we choose to follow, and who we choose to make role models. We have control over a lot of other things but not HOW THEY SHOULD live their lives.

She said, “in my opinion, I think it is better we concentrate on what we have control over and leave what we do not have control over.”

Another thing she stated is that we should not expect perfection from these people because they are not angels or mini gods, nor are they semi-gods. They are like every other human out there with blood flowing in their veins.

Let them breathe, they did not choose to be your role model, you choose them. Enough of this witch-hunting going on the internet, people now subtly bully others by hiding under the guise of ‘and you call yourself a role model’. Pick what resonates with you about them and trash the rest, stop the bully “she said.

Adeola further explains that everyone should have a standard of life for themselves. “Nobody should be your standard except God, because even sometimes, our parents do not meet up with the standard of life we want, not to talk of strangers we meet on the internet”, she said.

She encouraged people to have a standard for themselves through spirituality and personal development and stop making social media influencers their standard because no human is infallible.

“Get your life together and stop looking for people to blame for your bad decisions. If good values have been instilled in you from home, then you will not be easily swept away by the glitz, glamour, fake life, or immorality of the so-called role models. There is no need to witch-hunt anyone, you choose them, they didn’t choose you, some are not even aware that you exist”, she continued.

Adeola also advised parents to train their children well.

“Instill good morals in them so that they are not easily swept off by the things on the internet,” she said.

She also mentioned people should not idolize them, “don’t make these people a mini-god, they should not be objects of worship. It’s okay to love them, appreciate them, cherish them, give them gifts (if you can), and support them, but don’t idolize them and stop digging up their past to use against them. This is simply manipulation and blackmail which is done by people with low self-esteem looking for cheap attention.”

We all have a past; we all have things we have done that we are not proud of, what makes you think these people are an exception? Don’t witch-hunt people for things they did in the past when they didn’t know better. Learn to make room for their inadequacies and don’t expect too much from them”, she said.

Adeola further debunked some myths that people have about influencers and celebrities.

“Do not think that these people are rich, and they MUST give you money. Forget the glitz and glamour, a lot are not as rich as you think and even if they are rich, nobody OWES you anything. Moreover, stop expecting them to give you free access. They owe no one free access to their inner chamber. If they have decided to keep their circle small so, be it. It’s not pride, it’s simply being wise and setting boundaries since they’re in the spotlight.

Finally, whoever you are following, you are following them at your own risk. Choose your ROLE MODELS wisely”, she continued.

At the end of the day, they will only live their lives the way it pleases them, even if we talk about it from now till tomorrow. The onus lies on us all to choose who we follow and how we allow them to influence us”, she concluded.