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Ladies, don’t send your nude pictures to anyone. At this time and age of advanced technology, your nudes can get all over the world if it falls into the wrong hands. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram and WhatsApp, sending any man or anybody your nudes is a bad idea.

With the kind of men on the loose these days on many social media platforms and how they destroy the reputation of ladies who have foolishly given them their nudes in the past, one would think other ladies would learn from them.

But no, many are still sending nudes as a proof of love to strangers who can use it against them at any slight misunderstanding. When you guys break up, your nudes will be scattered all over the world.

Ladies should learn how to say no when a guy asks for their nude pictures. It’s become incredibly common place and the trend needs to stop. I don’t know where some ladies got the idea that sending nudes will keep a man by their sides forever. You are digging a hole for yourself if you still carelessly send nude pictures to your boyfriend, fiance or husband. Just stop it!

Here are 5 reasons you should never, ever send your nudes to men.

He can screenshot it and share without your knowledge

One of the reasons not to send nude pictures to anyone no matter how much you trust them is that most people know how to take a screen shot with their phones. And the person you sent your nudes to can save it and share without your knowledge.

He can use it against you when you both break up

Everyone thinks the relationship they are in is going to last, but the harsh truth is that most relationships, when they end, don’t end on the best of terms. Things can get nasty, complicated and bad after your breakup. Your ex can become vindictive enough to use your nude pics of over three years ago that he saved could do some damage to your reputation when you two break up.

You don’t know where your pictures might end up

Once your nude photos are put online, you never know how long it will be there. Even if you make your lover promise to delete the pic as soon as they see it, that isn’t a guarantee that they actually will. It might end up on porn sites and you won’t like it.

You don’t really know the kind of person you are dealing with

Some men are sadists. They love to see women in pain. You don’t know why your lover asked for your nudes. You don’t know his history with women. You don’t know whether he loves collecting nudes from women so that he could blackmail them later. You can’t really tell. So don’t send nude pics at all.

He won’t stop asking for more

Even if you sent him one after being pestered for so long, there is no guarantee that he will stop at one. He will keep asking for more and you won’t be able to say no. So, don’t even send any. Respect yourself and care enough for your future to never send nude pics to anyone.

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