The award winning photographer who ventured into NFTs  recently sold out her  collections. Payne, who wears many hats, has taken her talent to different sectors, and enjoys working with still and moving images to create visual masterpieces, and NFTs.

Her collections Include;  “Africa”, which was shot in different parts of Africa, “Power In words”; which is a series infusing inspirational quotes, and written with photographic art in muted tones, and her “Blue Chip” collection which is contemporary still life images influenced by Vermeer sold out.

Physical photos were the trend a few years ago, but Non-fungible tokens (NFTs ) are out to  change the photography market .

It verifies ownership, creates uniqueness, and rewards creators, they  cannot be duplicated or replaced, and earns a digital certificate of authenticity for the visual artist.

NFTs are equally recorded via a blockchain which potentially serves as the digital ledger for NFT artwork, while copyright remains with the artist. It gives the artist the ability to make money directly should they decide to resell. Notable personalities like JayZ, MC Hammer , Eminem etc own NFTs and have spoken of it’s ripple effect.

Speaking about her collections and new feat, Toni Payne said; “I create timeless art, bringing the old into new and giving life to objects I capture with my lens. My blue-chip collection currently has 6 still life with food pieces and it merges old school with contemporary in a medium photography. It shows the depth of what you can do with photography, and features strong aesthetics. NFT art photography is  soaring on historical collection houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s’