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Andrew McCaskill, a LinkedIn Career Expert, emphasizes the importance of aligning your job with your personal values. Misalignment can manifest in various ways, including a lack of motivation, not fitting into the workplace culture, decreased job satisfaction, increased stress, and ethical dilemmas where your values clash with your organization’s expectations. If you relate to any of these symptoms, here’s what you can do:

1. Reflect and Seek Alignment Within Your Current Organization

Before considering a job change, reflect on which of your values are compromised in your current role. Have an open and honest conversation with your supervisor or HR department. They may be willing to make changes or provide insights into how your work aligns with the company’s mission and values. Explore opportunities within your organization that better match your values.

2. Embark on a Strategic Job Search

Leaving a job that doesn’t align with your values is a personal decision. If you decide it’s time to move on, utilize LinkedIn’s job search filter for “Commitments” introduced in April 2023. This feature helps you match with companies that share your values, such as work-life balance, diversity, career growth, social impact, and environmental sustainability. Define your priorities before using the filter to maximize its effectiveness.

3. Perform Due Diligence

To ensure authenticity, companies are required to include a description of their commitment to values on their LinkedIn page. Additionally, job seekers should examine a company’s LinkedIn Page for evidence of their values, such as diversity reports. Connect with your professional network to learn about the company’s culture and values from people who work or have worked there. Ask questions during interviews to assess the company’s alignment with your values.

4. Attract Value-Aligned Jobs

Besides searching for value-aligned jobs, join LinkedIn groups related to your values and engage in discussions. Conduct informational interviews with professionals who share your values. Target employers recognized for their commitment to values and click the “I’m interested” button on their LinkedIn Page.

Andrew emphasizes the importance of identifying your mission and purpose, building the necessary skills, and seeking mentors in your chosen field. Openness to the adventure and understanding that your first purpose-driven job may not be your dream job are also key to a successful journey.

Remember, your values should be at the core of your career, ensuring that your work aligns with your true mission in life.