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2019 is the year to get serious with your personal finance and stop making good financial decisions if you really want to become financially independent.

Making money and spending it anyhow has never helped anyone. Instead, it’ll only leave you to be financially stagnant.

To have a good relationship with your money in 2019, here are five money mistakes you must seriously avoid.

1. Living beyond your means

Living beyond your means only leaves you financially stagnant.


Living beyond your means while the little finance you have is going down the drain is really a drastic financial mistake you must avoid in the new year.

If you keep living an expensive lifestyle you cannot maintain, you end up trying to borrow money from people to keep up with that lifestyle. This only leaves you in serious debt and incurring debt is bad for your finances because your focus would be on paying your debt instead of focusing on your financial goals.

2. Not having an emergency fund

If you have never introduced the emergency funds to your financial practices, 2019 is the right time for you to start. You won’t like to go through financial issues that’ll leave you broke again. To avoid that experience, you need to start saving for unplanned and unexpected issues now.

3. Over-subscriptions

Every month you pay for data, newspaper, magazine, cable/satellite TV subscriptions and you wonder why you didn’t save enough in 2018. Do you know how much all that cost you? You may need to cut down on your monthly subscriptions or avoid it completely if you don’t really need it.

4. Not saving for retirement early

Save money

Save money

One of the worst financial mistakes is not saving and planning for retirement early in life. You might think planning and saving for retirement early is a waste of time because you have other financial obligations to meet but you might regret your decision in the future.

5. Waiting to invest 

You failed to invest in 2018 because you think investments require a huge amount of money. That’s a lie. Do not wait to have a large chunk of money before you start using your money in a way that makes it work for you.

The best time to start investing is now. No matter how small your income, you should set some money aside for the sole aim of investing. It’s 2019, you need to start makings plans on how to grow your money.



Culled from pulse.ng

Credit: Bayo Wahab