Model Ajuzie

Parenting has no module but there are significant signs that you as a parent ignore or overlook but it only makes you a toxic parent.
Building a healthy relationship with your child is  as important and sending them to acquire formal education. To some parents they call strict discipline but in the actual sense they are creating an invisible dangerous wall between them and their kid(s)
Here are signs that you may be having a toxic relationship with your child.

1. Not being you

Kids tend to confide in someone who show them love, listen to them without judging and allows them express their feelings and thought. As a parent if your child gets all these from a stranger, then you really need to re-evaluate their stances.
Knowing the level of menace and harm going on in today’s society, parents should try to build that trust and earn their confidence that way they will be the first to hear and know if there be any form of threat or danger to their wellbeing.
Also your relationship with your child should be one in which they can have access to discussing all which includes their academics or even social life. Make them understand your principles but still be that friend that they can depend on always

2. Your absence is irrelevant

It is a known fact that kids want to be around those who they see always and gives them that attention they crave for. To kids communication means alot and thanks to technology that has bridged the gap so parents  who are far should take advantage of this. Your opinion of them understanding your tight schedule may not be totally acceptable to them.

3. Comparing them with others

Every child is unique and no child is the same. Parents who use abusive words or deteriorating words produce kids with low self esteem.  Every child has his own potentials and should be allowed to manifest with proper  guidance and not forced  into competing with his mate. Help build their self confidence and encourage them in both their win and loss.  Celebrate their efforts and never limit their dreams and aspiration.

4.Limiting them to a particular ideology

Train a child in a way that when he grows he should be able to differentiate good from bad. He should be allowed to make certain decisions without re straying him as long as it brings no harm to him. Enforcing any form of especially when they are of age to make choices makes you a toxic parent. Allow them express their freedom of choice and when they make mistake, correct them in love without talking down their self confidence.
And finally be a role model to your child. It makes the work easier and they directly and directly pick up certain traits that shapes their being. Match your words with godly character and see the beauty in parenting. Also never forget that no child is the same with the other and every child is special in his ways.