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Bunmi Ajayi is a business coach known as the Start-up mindset coach, convener Passion to profit masterclass and author of, Get up and rule. An expert in helping people, mostly women to overcome limiting mindsets on their journey to starting thieir own business and projects.
This sought after speaker who once battled low self -esteem and coyness left her dazzling university result and turned her passion for speaking into a business just a few years ago. Through her coaching programmes, speaking engagements and consulting gigs, she helps her clients to craft and monetize their idea to the masses.
Bunmi shares more insight on why people have low self-esteem and how she was able to deal with hers and pull through life

Growing up
I won’t say my childhood fully prepared me for what I do now, my childhood was a different ball game. Just like every other child, I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to be. I think at some point I wanted to be a medical doctor, a police officer.
I hated writing, didn’t like school, I was more worried about playing than going to school but something was constant, I loved talking and I still love talking. Talking is the only thing I didn’t leave behind.I feel parents should encourage and support their kids more than trying to force them into career paths they would drop later on.

Meet Me!
My name is Bunmi Ajayi. I am a startup-mindset coach, author of the forthcoming book; Get up & Kickass, which teaches first time star ups how to break free from fear that holds them back from starting a successful business, so that they can build confidence, Identify, monetize and build a profitable business around their Idea, passion, mistakes and knowledge.
I help start-ups break free from fear and other limiting mindset so that they can start a profitable business around their idea, passion, knowledge and experience. I graduated from Igbinedion University Okada, Edo state, where I studied Mass Communication.

Passion to profit master class
I fell in love with the fact that you can make money doing what you love. So I discover a lot of us underestimate our skills, passion, even our knowledge, we go after other things and ignore the diamond inside of us. Sometimes we are aware but either too busy to notice or we are scared nobody will buy from us when we eventually put a price on it. People are ready to pay for what we know that can give them results. The moment I discover this truth it inspired me to start my own trainings which takes place online. There are lots of people making money from their passion, their knowledge and even the pain they have healed from. The truth is no pain is a waste. I started from teaching women how to make shawarma and build a business around it. I once attended training where people paid to discover their most profitable passion. So this increased my drive to organize my own online profit to passion masterclass.
After each class people tend to discover more than just passion, they discover who to sell to, how to build an identity around it.  The first thing we do in the class is to gain clarity and break limiting mindset before going deep into the class, there are lots of people who do lot of things so well but teach people for free just because they feel putting a price on is bad.

Being a coach, author and motivational speaker
Well they all have their strength and weakness. As a coach you can work both online and offline, just make sure you find a time that works for both you and the client. As a convener you know when best to fix your event which can be once a month, twice a week physical or online event. That is why it is important to know your personality type and know what works for you. Planning helps me to know which one comes first. I have a 2018 daily planner with daily reflection that helps me know which one comes first.

The first challenge I had to deal with was my mind, fear of approval, lack of clarity, lack of understanding and many more were what I faced when I started. But the moment I was able to overcome my fear, develop a better self-esteem and better clarity of what I want and the people I want to help, things changed. Too many people have not dealt with their fear so it keeps holding them back, some say fear is a push, but the bad part is when there is no fear, they find it hard to push forward, while others try to sell to everyone, they do not understand their ideal customers, they are not just clear about what they really want. It is a challenge for some people in their business.

What next?
I am currently working on a project for authors who want to break free from limiting mindset and be able to go from no idea to a published author in 30 days or less instead of taking two years to publish a book. Most people desire to write and publish a book but are either scared or worried that they are not worthy to write or publish the book.

Reward of my work
I would say knowing people that have broken free from the fear of starting a business. That alone means a lot and somehow people tend to appreciate you for helping them discover something they never saw

On how the economy favour start-ups
I won’t say the economy alone but certain policy affects start-ups, certain government policy make it difficult for startups to flourish. But depending on your kind of business economy doesn’t affect you. There are start-ups who are growing daily, the economy favors them. So sometimes it is about the kind of business you are into .If you go into a business at a time when nobody is ready to spend money, then there might be a bit of challenges.

Never giving up
There were times I gave up. I said I was no longer interested in helping people discover their passion; there were times I wanted to do something else.
I just wanted to go back to my comfort zone, but I had amazing people who encouraged me not to give up. I call them my support system, when you are surrounded with the right people with the right mindset then it becomes easy to speak to them when it feels like you are giving up. I think everyone who is on a journey to greatness, people who are doing great things at one point must go through this stage.
If you are not in your comfort zone, or getting desired results, sometimes you know where you are going to, you know it is going to turn out fine but somehow the strength to press on disappears. So you just have to keep pushing, keep moving and have the right support system

Who and what inspire me to be better

When I think of how much I have grown it inspires me to invest in myself more. I look up to certain people who motivate me to become better, they are constantly doing things to make lives better. Different people and things inspire me to become a better person. Knowing that people look up to me inspires me to become better. Every day inspires me to get better.

Being a woman of rubies
A woman of rubies is not scared to stand out .As a woman of rubies I know when to balance things. A woman of rubies is creative and dynamic. She is ready to help when she can. A woman of rubies is interested in the growth of others. A woman of rubies believes in herself and that is who I am. I believe in myself. I am also a lover of God.

Start-up nuggets for young women who want to start their own business
I would say do not let other people project their fear of doing business to you. Just because someone had a terrible experience, does not mean you will have a terrible business experience too.
The first thing is to break free from fear and gain clarity about the kind of business they want to start and the process involved. Know that not everyone is your idea client. Your business cannot attend to everyone, so find your target audience that needs the solution your business offers.
Do not be afraid to innovate, you do not have to copy everyone, you do not have to do the same thing everyone is doing.
Understanding of what the market needs. But most importantly they should understand their why: There are right and wrongs reasons people start business, I discussed this in my book. People start business on the wrong note and when it fails, they start shouting business is bad. So I would say understanding your why is very important.

Dear Woman….
You are more than enough, don’t try to dim your light for someone else to shine. Be around people who see your strength and can help you focus on it, stay away from things and people who don’t empower you. In everything please protect your inner space