Menstrual Hygiene Day


In a world that is increasingly public about all sorts of previously private topics, menstruation shouldn’t remain a

Despite women having had periods since the dawn of time, menstruation is still not freely discussed and in some parts of the world, an off-limits topic. The information girls hear around them is often negative and sometimes incorrect. Even school health classes that discuss the subject often focus on the most basic, without ever touching on the real, practical experience of a monthly cycle. As a result, menarche, a girl’s first period is still likely to be confusing for her.

Raquel Daniel, the founder of Beyond the Classroom Foundation and an impact strategist, has unveiled a book that will increase awareness about good menstrual hygiene management and ensure that more young girls, especially those approaching puberty, are armed with the necessary information they need in order not to be caught unawares by the inevitable changes that come with menstruation.

Her new book titled, ‘FLOW: a girl’s guide to menstruation’ she offers encouraging support while answering real questions that girls have about the changes in their bodies and explains menstruation in a way that young girls can relate to. In this book, Raquel also spoke about how her late father taught her about menstruation before she turned 10, shared practical advice and busted the myths and misconceptions surrounding menstruation.

Through Beyond the Classroom Foundation, Raquel has worked with young girls in different communities, while running various projects like ‘Project Red Robots’ with which has distributed sanitary pads and education on sexual & reproductive health to over 10,000 girls across Nigeria.

According to Raquel, so many girls, especially those in the rural communities, welcome their first periods with anxiety, without knowing anything at all about menstruation. In my work with girls, I’ve seen how lack of accurate information has left some of them confused and embarrassed. She said.

While Menstrual Hygiene Day is recognized each year on May 28, it should not only be limited to this day. We must ensure that education about menstruation and the removal of the stigma around menstruation continues to occur around the world daily, Raquel added.