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A famous writer once said creativity is your best makeup skill, don’t be afraid to experiment with it. Makeup artists are experts at using make-up compounds to tint, conceal, or otherwise alter a person’s look for the purpose of beautification.

Makeup artists use their talents and their tools to makeover, transform, and improve a person’s face (and sometimes their body). Their work corrects imperfections, highlights positive attributes, and remedies issues.

According to Makeupartist edu, The best makeup artists command lofty fees and possess loyal clients, whether they are transforming performers to create an accurate visual representation, or perfecting brides for one of the most important days of their lives.

This is what Canada-based make-up artist Magret Isedowo represents in her sector. A woman who knows her craft and gives it her best.

In this chat with the Women of Rubies team, she shares her Inspiring story, her love for make-up and her spa.

Meet Me

My name is Olufunto Magret Isedowo, born and raised in Nigeria, I’m a Professional Make-up Artist based in Ontario, Canada and while I enjoyed working in all sectors of the Beauty Industry, my passion is Make-up and Facials which led me to start BreezyPro & BreezyLuxeSpa.

The Journey So Far

I explored the Beauty Industry in 2012 which made me enrol in an Aesthetic Program at Everest Beauty College, Ontario Canada. I have a Diploma in Phlebotomy from CJ College, worked in a few laboratories and later enrolled in an Advanced Medical Aesthetics Program at IBI College, Ontario Canada.

Why I Pitched My Tent In The Make-Up Sector

My love for Make-up and Beauty has been with me my whole life, specializing in a wide range of luxurious and personalized beauty services including Make-up, Facials, Micro blading, Lash Extensions, Waxing, Brow Lamination and Lash Lift. Each application I do is assessed according to multiple factors including personality, comfort level with makeup and personal image.

I tailor my work accordingly, the result is a satisfied client that feels as beautiful and unique on the outside as they do on the inside.

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My Aspiration

I love learning new things, being inspired, and connecting with creative people. I take pride in creating beautiful work and hope I can be fortunate enough to do what I Iove for the rest of my life.

Connect With Margaret

Studio Address: 4000 Steeles Avenue West, Woodbridge L4L4V9

Instagram Pages :

Make-up : https://instagram.com/breezyypro?igshid=MTg0ZDhmNDA=

Spa: https://instagram.com/breezyluxespa?igshid=MTg0ZDhmNDA=