Mabel Makun


Comedian, actor and producer AY Makun took to his Instagram page today to celebrate his wife, Mabel‘s birthday. He wrote a heartwarming message to her wishing her the very best and stating how much she means to him.

He wrote:

My holding on to the camera to personally capture this moment is only a reminder of my days as a photographer on the same campus where i first met you. I just can’t forget your ability of finding something interesting in an ordinary place. A place that was transformed by the heartwarming charm of a beautiful woman sent down to me from heaven.

On this special day i want you to know that the day you were born was a lucky day for me and so many people who has enjoyed the beauty of your invaluable presence. You enrich my life and i love you more than what words can ever express. Thank you for being my soulmate, my partner and most trusted friend. Happy birthday to my lovely wife @midas_interiors #mysunshine

Photo Credit: Instagram | @aycomedian