Lubee Abubakar


24-year-old lawyer turned photographer, Lubee Abubakar, is definitely a talent to watch. After graduating in 2015, Lubee worked as a lawyer, a photographer and an art director before deciding to focus solely on photography and art direction.

Now working mostly with portraiture and fashion photography, Lubee’s visual style is striking and inimitable – rightfully landing her work on the likes of Vogue Italia and The FADER.



Speaking with Okay Africa about leaving law to become a full-time photographer, Lubee continued:

“I decided to fully immerse myself into growing as a photographer and art director because I have a genuine, raw passion for visuals.

That kind of passion is rare and I reckon it’ll be a disservice to myself if I don’t utilize it.”

Lubee’s passion is definitely paying off since she now shoots lookbooks for major fashion brands like Orange Culture and recently won the 2016 award for fashion photography at the Nigerian Fashion and Style Awards.

You can check out her work on her Instagram and her website.








Source: Konbini