Lata Tondon


Meet the amazing woman who inspired Hilda Baci to break the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking time by an individual. Her name is Lata Tondon, a talented chef hailing from India. Lata cooked for an astonishing 87 hours and 45 minutes, and she had been the only woman to ever hold the record before Hilda came along and changed the narrative.

Chef Lata’s Culinary Skills

Lata Tondon’s culinary skills have not gone unnoticed. She holds a multitude of national and international awards, including recognition from the India Book of Records, the Asia Book of Records, the Indo-China Book of Records, the Vietnam Book of Records, the Laos Book of Records, and the Nepal Book of Records, to name just a few. Among her many accolades, she was awarded the prestigious title of International Indian Chef of the Year in 2018.

Chef Lata Tondon

Her Guinness World Record Journey

During her record-breaking feat, Chef Lata cooked an impressive amount of food, totalling over 1,600 kg. This included 400 vada pavs, 250 sandwiches, and other local delicacies, all prepared over four days. The event attracted over 20,000 visitors, including children from orphanages, blind schools, and members of old-age homes. It was a heartwarming occasion that brought joy and nourishment to many.

Chef Lata’s culinary journey has been enriched by learning from renowned chefs such as Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver, among others. Her commitment to her craft and her relentless pursuit of excellence have been truly inspiring. In recognition of her extraordinary achievement, Chef Lata Tondon was honoured with a Ph.D. degree from the World Record University in London, further solidifying her place as a trailblazer in the culinary world.

Chef Lata Tondon
Chef Lata Tondon – First Guinness World Record Holder for longest cooking time

Chef Lata Tondon Passion for Cooking

When asked about her passion for cooking, Chef Lata revealed that she had been fascinated with the art since childhood. She expressed her gratitude for having a supportive family and friends who helped nurture her passion and turn it into a successful profession. It is through their unwavering support that she was able to achieve remarkable milestones and inspire others to follow their dreams.

Lata Tondon

In conclusion, we celebrate Chef Lata Tondon for her exceptional talent and determination. She has not only broken records but also touched the lives of thousands through her culinary endeavours. Her dedication to her craft and her ability to bring joy to others through food makes her a true inspiration. As she continues to pave the way for aspiring chefs around the world, Chef Lata Tondon remains a shining example of what can be achieved when passion, skill, and perseverance intertwine.

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