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Social media has opened u​s to ​ a whole new world, ​and ​one avenue we appreciate​ most ​ is  Instagram comedians​ who keep us entertained​. Anytime you need a quick laugh throughout the day, you can check your timeline to see silly skits, dances, and voiceovers. There is an abundance of hilarious men and women on Instagram making us smile and helping the mental health of a lot of people. While there are so many well known and upcoming Instagram comedians and content creators, some stand out because of their aura and mode of delivery. One of such people is the very talented and beautiful Mariam Bakr​e,​ popularly known as Mory Coco.

The 25 year old  Mass Communication Graduate from Babcock University is ​ a ​comical content creator, A YouTube Lifestyle Vlogger, Food Bloger and an Entrepreneur . Mory‘s skits not only show her talent but it also clearly represents her religious side, which makes her stand out.

Mory is  happily married to Femi Bakre, who is the CEO of Kraks Tv and one of the pioneers and supporter of comical contents.  ​She shares her inspiring story with me in this interview.

Childhood Influence

Ever since I was a kid, I knew I had to be on Tv, that I had to be on the big screen, that people had to know me for a particular talent, but I just didn’t know what it was. I watched Disney a lot growing up, so I knew there is something called a ‘child star’ and I wanted to be it so bad. Every time I watched a Disney show there was always the desire in me to be that kid in front of the screen but the problem was the platform, I didn’t know how to go about anything, also I am a very shy person so it was really difficult sharing my dreams and beliefs with people, it was like I had this big dream but I didn’t know how to turn it into a reality. When social media gave me the platform to show my self to the world, I JUMPED at it even though it took a little while.

Being a Youtuber, Food blogger, wife and also a comedy skit expert and managing it all

 All these are things I enjoy doing, I love creating content, cooking, vlogging and I also enjoy being a wife Alhamdullilah. Another thing I try to do is listen to my body, I never joke with it. If it’s signalling rest-time, then rest-time it is, even if it’s just for a day because at the end of the day it helps me recharge better and be more creative and loving to the people around me.

Sojourn into media content creation

 I had always wanted to go into the media space since I was a kid like a stated earlier, but the first challenge was the lack of platform. Secondly as I grew older, I realized that my privacy means a lot to me, I’m so private to the point where I get uncomfortable when a person sitting next to me can see what I’m doing on my phone. For the longest of time, I had to decide whether I truly wanted to be out there or just keep living my life on the low, but then I realized that there is no other profession I would rather be practicing, no other job can bring me this much happiness so I decide to come out of my comfort Zone and went full force into content creation this year  (2019)

Parental support

 I read Mass-Communication in the university, interned at a radio station, hosted Ramadan talks shows while I was in the university. They saw it coming and the welcomed it with all of their hearts

No special preference for any of my skits

 I can’t say a particular video brought me to limelight, it was a series of videos. Like I said, I decided to go full force this year, so I was releasing content back to back, generally just putting my self in people’s faces all the time and the people are so welcoming and appreciative of my talent which made my work a little bit easier.

The almost saturated Vlogging business

We are all different. First​,​ the room is big enough for one million of us to succeed beautifully without hassle, however there can only be one Mory Coco. How Mory Coco does it, only Mory Coco can do it like that, and that goes to other influencers as well, that’s what makes each and everyone of us unique in our various spaces.

Recognition of Female content creators

 I think that the industry has been fair but we don’t really need the industry to ‘pity’ us any more. Debola Williams,  once said the currency of this generation is talent and it hit me deep because nothing is truer than that statement . If you are talented and consistent, you would get the recognition you desire. You don’t have to beg anybody to showcase you to the world, there are a lot of tools at your disposal, so it’s only a matter of time for you to start getting all the accolades you deserve.

3 women who Inspire me to be better

Ellen DeGeneres, Rihanna and Kemi Adetiba. These three women are success driven, humanitarians and fun. I love women who know how make money, are kind to people and play when the times comes because all work and no play?? Lol.

Representing my religion with my Hijab

 it’s very easy to get carried away in the media scene, my religion has always been a part of me and it would always be by the grace of God. I needed people to accept me the way I am so removing my scarf for the media would be showing a person that isn’t me and I wanted to be as original as possible.

Other projects

 I like to keep things under the books until they are fully mature and ready for execution.

Being a woman of Rubies

I am one because I am constantly always trying to make the world a better place with my content and add value to humanity by making me laugh and feel happy.

To women who want to g​o​ into content creation

This might sound cliché but if you have a talent you believe in and you are ready to put it out there for the world to see, then go for it. Don’t let anything stop you. Results are never immediately except for a few lucky ones amongst us and even at that you would still need to be consistent or else people will forget you. Be consistent even if you don’t see results immediately, so long you know in your heart of heart that this is what you should be doing. You would surely reap the fruits of your labor. Also stay true to your style, don’t change for anyone, the world would adjust, the world always adjusts. Not everyone is going to like you, AND THAT’S OKAY! It only means you are human.