Kim’s kids


Kim Kardashian West makes an amazing step for a woman we met years ago on reality TV.  She changed her focus to prison reforms so dramatically?

On her kids, she said they see so much of how she studies, go to school like them and how she opens up to them about what she does. They’re so young now, but seeing their mom make a difference means everything.

As Kim matures, its obvious she’s realizing how her A-list status can make a real impact on the lives of others.

On UsMagazine, Kim explained, “They (her children) just see so much, you know, they see that I have to study, they see that I go to school, just like they go to school and we talk about little things like that. I have always been really open and honest with my kids about what I’m doing and what’s going on, and I think they’ll appreciate it, definitely when they get older.”

She said her kids have met people she has helped, thanks to her work.

Perhaps Kim wants her children to grow up in a world where they know it’s up to all of us to demand action when things seem unjust.

This is a good lesson that it’s never too late to embark on a new path.

Her father was an attorney, and as The Things reported, that was influential in sparking her interest in the area of law. She may not have followed this passion earlier, but she has now taken action and has followed in his footsteps.

Will any of Kim’s kids follow her lead? Which is a good example been laid out for them.

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