Kenya’s youngest PhD holder


Dr Ngina is the co-founder and CEO of Ceiling Breakers Limited, a company aimed at building young people to take up leadership positions in their respective fields and in their society.

She is a Lecturer at the Institute of Mathematics Science, Strathmore University. She is also Start Your Impossible – Ambassador (Kenya) a campaign sponsored by Toyota to encourage humility to break the glass ceilings.

In 2018, at age 28, Dr Ngina inked her name in Kenya’s history books as the youngest Kenyan to obtain a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Biomathematics from Strathmore University, Kenya.

Dr Purity Ngina with her PhD certificate

Biomathematics is a branch of applied mathematics that uses mathematical models to bring solutions to phenomena in biology.

Her other qualifications includes a Bachelor’s degree in Science Teacher Education and a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics from Egerton University, Kenya.

“Getting a first class is not as hard as people think! It actually depends on you as a person. You must be motivated by something or someone greater. For me, I had a vision and a mission: to be the best and successful.”

Her inviting smile and friendly ways are unique traits that allow Purity’s light to shine amidst a long line of other high achievers.

These attributes allow her to stand out as a mathematical model of success that her students can look to in order to equate their own aspirations in life.

As a young lady on the long and at times dimly lit corridors of academia, Purity shines her light on the paths of many ambitious youth who possess the drive and require a little reassurance that the outcome will be one to be proud of.

As a word of encouragement to parents whose children are not doing as expected in school, she said,

Personally, I failed in my KCPE. I scored 235 marks. I had to repeat the exam, yet here I am with a doctorate degree.”

“Life will always offer many more chances, so when they come your way, grab them! Parents should support their child irrespective of the marks they score. They will always be your children.”