Kenyan parliament


The Kenyan police command has arrested a certain Rashid Kassim, a member of the Kenyan Parliament representing Wajir East for allegedly assaulting Wajir County Woman Representative, Fatuma Gedi.

According to reports, Fatuma Gedi, Wajir Woman Representative is said to have been beaten up on Thursday morning June by Rashid Amin in the parliament building. Gedi reportedly got into a heated discussion which led to the assault from the MP.

Reports have it that the MP demanded to know why Gedi, also a member of the budget committee, did not allocate any money to his Wajir East constituency.

Speaking on the incident, Gedi said;

“He called me stupid and nonsense and then he beat me. I was shocked, I could not believe it. He came again and hit me. I told him that Wajir County was only allocated Ksh100 million and we had to allocate money to only areas of priority to the region like water and roads but he told me that was nonsense,” she highlighted.

Gedi who was with the Home Bay Woman Representative when the assault occurred, had her story collaborated by the Home Bay Woman Representative

“They started to converse in Somali so I just stood by to wait for Gedi. A few minutes into the conversation I just saw him hitting Gedi on the cheek, she was crying and bleeding. I didn’t know what could lead to that. I was surprised that a colleague can assault a female member,” Wanga narrated.

Gedi was then taken to the Karen Hospital for treatment.

Credit: www.informationng.com