Kenya Certificate of Primary (KCPE)


A 68-year old Makueni woman who sat for the Kenya Certificate of Primary (KCPE) exam in 2018 has announced she will proceed to join secondary school irrespective of her age.

Veronica Kaleso sat for the final primary education test at Unoa Primary School and scored 143 marks alongside her 13-year-old granddaughter who beat her by scoring 385 marks in the same exam whose results were released on Monday, November 19.

Kaleso could not hide her joy after scoring the marks which she said surpassed her expectations.

Veronica Kaleso who was a KCPE candidate at Unoa primary school scored 143 marks out of the maximum possible 500.

“I am happy with my results because I did not expect to score those marks, remember I’m old and determined to proceed with education’‘, she said.

The mother of 10 and grandmother of 24 who studied from home despite having registered at Unoa Primary School in Kenya, said she had began plans to ensure she joins high school in 2019 to advance her studies.

“I am determined to join secondary school and perform better. If I excel four years, later I will not hesitate to join university. That is my dream and my age won’t hinder me,” she said.

Kaleso said she dropped out of school when she was a standard five pupil at Kyamuthei Primary School in 1969 for lack of fees.

Speaking in English, a language she said she had begun to master, Kaleso said she went back to school in order to manage her workers who used to take advantage of her illiteracy to swindle resources from her farm. “I am a farm manager and I normally lose a lot of money since my employees and customers steal from me. They take advantage of my illiteracy,” said Kaleso.


Credit: legit.ng