Kendra Nicole James-Anderson


If you are looking for a black woman leading digital marketing agency that embodies the core values of diversity, representation, perspective, teamwork, and creativity, plus offers a wide range of services such as brand partnerships, influencer campaign strategies, personal consultations, and educational development; these 4 digital marketing agencies will help you connect with other black women who are blossoming in their digital entrepreneurial and creative careers.

1. Black Girl Digital, founded by LaToya Shambo

Express your creative juices under the guidance and representation that is Black Girl Digital, founded by LaToya Shambo. She is an influencer marketing and monetization expert who has built Black Girl Digital to be influential in digital creation and has become a top creative economy for black women creators through fair and profitable brand partnerships, marketing campaigns, and programs.

Women-Owned Marketing Agencies
Latoya Shambo | Image- (Fitnyc Edu)

So, whether you’re a Beauty Brand Influencer, Food and Travel Blogger, or even a Tik Tok Radio Host, Black Girl Digital can elevate you to the next level!

2. The Finance Femme, founded by Kendra Nicole James-Anderson

If you want to grow your financial needs in your digital career, The Finance Femme, founded by Kendra James-Anderson has got you!

BAUCEs as a new entrepreneur on the digital media scene, revenue and financial growth are essential for business success. At Finance Femme, you will gain the tools for financial success and no longer settle for a company that doesn’t meet your creative vision. Kendra Anderson has built her agency with a mission to help her clients focus on the financial and strategic needs of owning a multi-6-figure and 7-figure brand.

Women-Owned Marketing Agencies
Kendra Nicole James-Anderson

Whether you are an independent SEO specialist, email marketer, social media strategist, or influencer, The Financial Femme will get you on the path of establishing financial goals, educate you on finance and marketing, and give you hands-on treatment through Virtual CFO and Executive Accounting Services.

3. BrightGirl Media, founded by Chanelle Yarber

Shine bright like a digital diamond on the internet under the services of Black woman-owned digital marketing agency, BrightGirl Media. Chanelle Yarber started her agency because she personally saw how entrepreneurs and influencers weren’t getting the exposure that they deserved.

Chanelle Yarber

Having a digital career isn’t an easy feat; it takes dedication, representation, and financial support. BAUCEs, your small startup brand and business can shine bright under the courses that BrightGirl Media has to offer! BrightGirl Media offers various services such as showcasing your brand via advertising under the BrightGirls in Business Show Advertising, a coaching session on brand roadblocks via the Marketing Savvy Strategy Session, and networking with other black women entrepreneurs and creatives via the BrightGirls in Business Community.

4. CNW Digital, founded by Clarissa N Wright

Calling all luxury lifestyle and fashion brands because CNW Digital is here to elevate your business to its highest BAUCE potential. CNW Digital, started by Clarissa N Wright is a digital marketing agency which helps beauty and fashion influencers and entrepreneurs achieve their highest business potential.

Black women owned marketing agency

Under their services, you will know what it takes to collaborate and partner with people who have the same values and goals as you do. Your brand under CNW Digital will put forth impactful content to your customers/audiences, email market for brand interactions, establish brand campaigns and establish data-driven personalization to better cater to brand partners and buyers. CNW Digital also helps you create personalized automation that will increase consumer satisfaction, practice SMS marketing strategies that will grant your brand more revenue, and build more on your audience/customer loyalty. Don’t settle for less than what your brand and business deserve and go the CNW Digital route!

Whether your brand has been out for a day or even five years, it’s never too late to elevate through other means. By working with a digital agency, they can help your business reach newer and bigger digital spaces.