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The family unit is one of the most important institutions, and the pandemic could change the dynamics of every family, but it shouldn’t. From the heap of unplanned bills to the heat of uncertainty. The lockdown is like a Tsunami that came to knock on the door of everyone’s mind.

On a Live Instagram  chat with Men who Inspire yesterday,Certified Coach and high impact speaker speaker;  Kelechi Anyalechi shed some light on How to Build a Stronger Family during the lockdown.

Yours truly had her pen and paper handy while the session was going on,and here are the 7 ways he said we can build a stronger family during the lockdown.

1.Values: Every family should have strong values that can stand the test of time.

2.Vision: Have a plan for your family, plan for rainy days, and never allow the media influence your mindset this season. Do what you can and how you can do it and  stick to your plan.

3. Communication: With emotions flying round, you need to master the art of communicating with love, empathy and understanding. Practice active listening with your kids and partner. Be patient with them.

4. Time: Be decisive about your time, spend time with your family, especially the kids. Consciously create play time with them and be involved in their daily activities, from school work to watching their favorite cartoon with them. Be present and let them feel your presence.

Observation: Pay keen attention to the kids and what influences them and make adjustment where necessary. Children are naturally influenced by the things they see and who they spend time with. This is the best time to know what they’ve learnt when you were busy, but with the lockdown and Stay home, help them  un-learn those things if it doesn’t align with your family values.

Spirituality:Pray together as a family and spend time in faith. Your values should emanate from your spirituality. Don’t teach your children about God out of fear, but teach them out of understanding with you just being a guide.

Play: Diffuse the tension, Play with your spouse  and children. Just spend time playing that’s how you can derive joy and happiness. If you don’t play with your partner, another person will play with them. Be as addicted to your family as you are with your work. Be observant of your family and pay attention to non-verbal communication too.

Lastly, God has taught us one thing with the lockdown; that “God and family” are very important. In Pastor Adeboye’s word; “God has placed the whole world on compulsory holiday”. Spend it wisely.

Compiled by ; Esther Ijewere™©

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