Kayode Abass

During a Q&A interactive session with Women Of Rubies, Online marketing professional and LinkedIn Influencer, Kayode Abass talked about why it is important to be on LinkedIn and also shared some nuggets on how to get started.
He shared:
*The most important part of your LinkedIn profile is your profile
photo and your headline. It’s the first thing people use to judge if
you are worth connecting with. It creates the first impression and
first impressions last.
*Your LinkedIn profile helps you build trust. It shows you do indeed exist. 


*To make your profile relevant, you need to fill all your information
on your profile, you need to get your colleagues and customers to
recommend and endorse you and you need to publish contents on
LinkedIn. If you do those, people will start seeing you on their

*Build relationships and network on LinkedIn. Don’t wait till you’ve
been laid off from work or till you have a product and service you
want to sell. Build relationships and network before those things
happen. LinkedIn groups are a great way to build relationships and
network with people who share the same interests as you.


*Your LinkedIn profile is what clients and prospective employers see
when they google search your name (Go to Google.com, search for your
name and see). Recruiters and companies now fully rely on LinkedIn
instead of the old fashioned way to recruit candidates.


*It is possible to schedule posts for personal page and business page
using Buffer and Hootsuite. I use the two for my clients and they run

*LinkedIn allows you to add your other social media account links to
your profile. If you need a job, you will need to find and connect
with the right people on LinkedIn. You will need to connect with and
build relationships with HRs especially.