Kayla Willis


A Georgia teen has gone viral on social media after she was accepted to  31 colleges with almost a million dollars in scholarship offers.

Kayla Willis, a senior at Westlake High School in Atlanta, got accepted into 31 colleges and was offered almost $1 million in scholarships after applying to over 40 schools without paying costly application fees.

The excited lady took to Twitter to show off all the schools that accepted her and wrote: ‘I kinda didn’t want to post this, but someone said “the whole world needs to know how great you are” so here we go twitter!’

Black American teenager gets accepted to 31 Colleges with almost a million dollars in scholarship offers


Speaking with Fox 5, she said: “My goal was to have options. I didn’t want to limit myself. I also asked the question, how can I go to school for free?”

“I’m here to encourage. If you are proactive and persevere, you can achieve any goal,” she told Fox 5. In an interview with NBC affiliate 11 Alive, she said, “I really wanted people to see what they could do because a lot of people doubt their selves.”



Credit: LIB