Karen Rupert


HairLove wins Best Animated Short Film at the #Oscars. This is no doubt a representation of how the natural ‘kinky’ hair is becoming acceptable in the female community.

This amazing movie is about a Black father and his daughter, Zuri, who both take on an incredible journey into styling the little girl’s hair for a special event. Oh, and it’s Daddy’s first time with the comb and hair grease.

Directed by Matthew A. Cherry, and producer, Karen Rupert Toliver, who are officially Oscar winners, taking home the gold statue for Best Animated Short.

Currently, in 47 states, it’s completely legal to fire, suspend and expel someone for the natural hair, including dreads, braids, afros, etc.

“We wanted to normalize Black hair. There’s a very important issue out there, it’s called the CROWN Act and we can help get this passed in all 50 states.”

“We have so many people that worked hard on this, it was a labor of love. We have a firm belief that representation matters deeply, especially in cartoons because in cartoons and movies it’s how we shape our lives and how we see the world,” Rupert Toliver said on the podium.

Cherry used his brief time to raise awareness around the need to pass a federal CROWN Act that would make it illegal for people to be fired or suspended from school because of how they choose to wear their natural hair. Currently, the only states to have passed their own version of the CROWN Act are California, New York, and New Jersey.

“Hair Love was done so to see more representation in animation. We wanted to normalize Black hair. There’s a very important issue out there, it’s called the CROWN Act and we can help get this passed in all 50 states and help stories like Deandre Arnold, who’s our special guest tonight, to stop that [from happening,” Cherry said.

He concluded with dedicating his award to the late Kobe Bryant.

“May we all have a second act as great as his was.”

This will bring back memory of our fathers or father figures had to take on this task with our crown and glories.


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