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Joy Agbozi is the CEO of Jina’s dynasty ,a brand that is into Make up, fashion designing, social media publicity and catwalk training..

She is the Founder of CHARITY FASHION SHOW INTERNATIONAL..Which is a fashion show for charity where we provide a platform for young talents and use the proceeds for charity..

Agbozi Joy is Passionate about young people and she spends her time mentoring young people on the importance of believing in themselves and chasing their dreams.

Joy Agbozi is a Make up artist,fashion designer,model,actress ,social media publicist , catwalk instructor and also a multiple award winner..

Joy Agbozi has contested for various pageants and she is the current HERITAGE QUEEN AFRICA 2020.

She is a graduate of Linguistics and communication studies from the University of Port Harcourt.

She shares her Ruby Girl story with the team.

1. Let’s meet you, Who is Joy Agbozi?

Joy Agbozi is an indigene of Rivers state from Khana Local Government Area, a graduate of Linguistics and Communication Studies from the prestigious University of Port Harcourt.
She is the current HERITAGE QUEEN AFRICA 2020 WINNER.

She is an actress,model,fashion designer,make up artist ,social media publicist,pageant coach under her brand JINA’S DYNASTY. She is the founder of the Charity fashion show International, a brand that is quite dear to her heart because of her love for humanitarian services.

Joy is a foodie, I love food alot and I like trying out new delicacies.
I love reading novels,meeting people ,singing and dancing.
Lastly, I am an ambivert, both an introvert and extrovert.


2. Who and what inspired you to go into pageantry and catwalk?

Watching the Miss world competition every year inspired me to go into pageantry..I wanted to be that girl that will not only represent my country but also win the Miss World title.. I knew I didn’t have the money neither do I know where to start but I started with training myself and working on my social media.

3. As an entrepreneur how did you begin and what was your struggle?

I woke up one day and decided I needed a skill to add to what I know and I took up make up first because of my love for make up, went through the trainings and then I officially launched my brand.

Being an entrepreneur is never easy. It takes passion,determination and resilience to keep the business running even when you make little or no sales.

4. Charity Fashion Show International is not a vision everyone come up everyday to give back to charity through fashion shows. What exactly promoted this vision?

I am a very compassionate person and I get really drawn to people easily especially when I feel they have little or nothing to fall back on. I also see lots of young talents looking for a platform and having none.

I always have this desire to help when I see people who do not have.

The charity show was born out of my desire to help people in