Joy Agbozi is the CEO of Jina’s dynasty ,a brand that is into Make up, fashion designing, social media publicity and catwalk training..

She is the Founder of CHARITY FASHION SHOW INTERNATIONAL..Which is a fashion show for charity where we provide a platform for young talents and use the proceeds for charity..

Agbozi Joy is Passionate about young people and she spends her time mentoring young people on the importance of believing in themselves and chasing their dreams.

Joy Agbozi is a Make up artist,fashion designer,model,actress ,social media publicist , catwalk instructor and also a multiple award winner..

Joy Agbozi has contested for various pageants and she is the current HERITAGE QUEEN AFRICA 2020.

She is a graduate of Linguistics and communication studies from the University of Port Harcourt.

She shares her Ruby Girl story with the team.

1. Let’s meet you, Who is Joy Agbozi?

Joy Agbozi is an indigene of Rivers state from Khana Local Government Area, a graduate of Linguistics and Communication Studies from the prestigious University of Port Harcourt.
She is the current HERITAGE QUEEN AFRICA 2020 WINNER.

She is an actress,model,fashion designer,make up artist ,social media publicist,pageant coach under her brand JINA’S DYNASTY. She is the founder of the Charity fashion show International, a brand that is quite dear to her heart because of her love for humanitarian services.

Joy is a foodie, I love food alot and I like trying out new delicacies.
I love reading novels,meeting people ,singing and dancing.
Lastly, I am an ambivert, both an introvert and extrovert.


2. Who and what inspired you to go into pageantry and catwalk?

Watching the Miss world competition every year inspired me to go into pageantry..I wanted to be that girl that will not only represent my country but also win the Miss World title.. I knew I didn’t have the money neither do I know where to start but I started with training myself and working on my social media.

3. As an entrepreneur how did you begin and what was your struggle?

I woke up one day and decided I needed a skill to add to what I know and I took up make up first because of my love for make up, went through the trainings and then I officially launched my brand.

Being an entrepreneur is never easy. It takes passion,determination and resilience to keep the business running even when you make little or no sales.

4. Charity Fashion Show International is not a vision everyone come up everyday to give back to charity through fashion shows. What exactly promoted this vision?

I am a very compassionate person and I get really drawn to people easily especially when I feel they have little or nothing to fall back on. I also see lots of young talents looking for a platform and having none.

I always have this desire to help when I see people who do not have.

The charity show was born out of my desire to help people in my own little way and also discover/promote young talents.

Over the years the growth has been amazing and the success stories inspiring. We don’t really get much support from people via sponsorship and partnership but we have been able to pull through.

5. What are challenges young Nigerians encounter in your field and have you experienced any in your makeup and charity show business?

I believe this question is related to modeling. As a model people hardly believe in you, if you can get just ONE PERSON especially a family member to believe in you then you are blessed.
Models face a lot of challenges ranging from lack of funds (as a model one would need funds to enable them build their portfolio and other things), rejection,support,lack of jobs etc .It takes consistency, determination and passion to keep you going even after you have been rejected for countless times during auditions probably because of your catwalk or lack of good shoes,body type or good skin.

I didn’t get discouraged because of the love I have for modeling and the height I wanted to attain in modeling.

Yes in my business and the charity show I have also had challenges.

FOR THE CHARITY SHOW ,WE DON’T HAVE SPONSORS OR PARTNERS, every fund used or donated came from my pocket or that of my friends who are ever ready to support. A lot of people do not want to support a brand that is not known but some of them have been very kind to us so far.

For make up and tailoring ,we have alot of fashion designers and make up artists today, so getting customers most times can be pretty hard.

Like I said earlier it requires consistency, determination and passion to be able to hold it down.

6. How can these challenges be mitigated?

One thing I have learnt in life is “always have a plan.” I

So first things first have a plan and also funds so you can have something to fall back on incase a sponsor or partner disappoints or there are no customers. And also publicise your event and business aggressively.

7. How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected you as a business owner and beauty queen?

The covid19 pandemic was really an eye opener. It taught me patience and how to use the internet space wisely. And yes it affected my business because there were no events so people didn’t need facebeat or catwalk training but in a way it helped me acquire some new skills and also taught me the importance of getting to know people around you. It also helped my online business because lots of people wanted to do publicity on social media.

8. What is that one thing you’ll like to change about yourself?

Often times we get this question, we have to lie and act like we really love everything about ourselves.
But to be very real here (laughs) I actually wish I had smaller boobs and bigger hips but one thing I believe is God never makes a mistake and whatever he gave to us he has a reason for that. So although I am wishing but I wouldn’t want to change anything about myself because I have grown to love it which is one of the first steps of nurturing confidence.


9.List three women who inspire you and why?

Unfortunately I have just one. And she has inspired me since i was 10 years old.

That woman is Genevieve Nnaji.
I believe learning is not just by books but by what you see around you.
Genevieve is someone that is hardworking and very determined. She doesn’t necessarily need to make too much noise but her work makes the noise.
She has faced alot in life just like everyone of us but she doesn’t allow it weigh her most times I even think she isn’t human but that ability to do your thing and act like it isn’t stressful is a talent.

Another thing that draws me to her is the fact she doesn’t reply critics, she takes whatever she wants to take from the criticism and reply with results.
That hits differently.

10. If given the chance to be the President of Nigeria for a day, what will you change?

I would bring ideas to create more jobs.


11. Did your upbringing in any way prepare you for everything you are into today?

Nothing really goes according to plan but
In a way YES!

I grew up In a very strict home and my mum taught us alot of things because we lost our dad at a very tender age. She taught us HARDWORK,PUNCTUALITY,DILIGENCE,CONSISTENCY,HONESTY AND ALSO HOW TO PRAY..To focus more on what is important and ignore what is not.


12. Where do you see yourself/your brand in the next 5 years?

I am a very ambitious person so in the next 5 years I see myself as a mother and probably winner of an international title ( Mrs Universe) because I am not stopping.
I also see myself as an actress, a big/successful entrepreneur with a global brand and also a humanitarian touching lives massively.

13. If you were given the opportunity to address a group of girls five years younger than you, what will be your advice to them?

I am very passionate about young people because I believe they have their whole lives ahead of them and should make good use of it.

I will advice young girls to be confident in themselves,focus on their studies and career. To work on themselves,chase their dreams and set goals. Not to be distracted by social media and all that is happening in the world today.
To value themselves and not let anyone put them down.
Also hold God tight!!!

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