Jennifer Mairo


It’s not every day that the cast of a reality show embarks on a visit to Ajegunle but the stars of Real Naija Ladies Of Dallas made it to Ajegunle as a medium of giving back to the community.

The team visited three schools including Delight Secondary School from which shows founder, Jennifer Mairo graduated. The purpose of the visit was to empower students and give them insight into the use of social media. Championed by Jennifer Mairo and accompanied by Nancy Ofoegbu, IjeKimora Jennifer John and other volunteers donated school supplies to the students.

Cast and teacher @itsnancyo who has never visited Lagos expressed her gratitude at the opportunity to connect at such a deep level with the students.

For Jennifer Mairo, she expressed the importance of giving back especially to low-income suburban areas like Ajegunle Lagos. The Real Naija Ladies of Dallas would like the world to remember them more so as an inspiration for the next generation of young women