Jason Derulo

From being a fan at the stands, to having a seat at the table 21-year-old two-time Grammy Award-winning songwriter,  Nija Charles inspires.

The 2015 Union Township High School graduate wrote the hooks for several Cardi B hits, including“Ring” with Kehlani, and equally wrote two songs for Jay Z and Beyonce’s Grammy-winning album“Everything Is Love”

Nija Charles, was born on October 20, 1997. She began her professional music career in 2017 writing songs for Beyonce and Jay-Z, Cardi B and Kehlani, Jason Derulo and Chris Brown.

She is signed to Universal Music Publishing Group of Music at NYU, producers were sending her music to write to.

Nija started out making beats from her dorm room and has written for Beyoncé and Cardi B and works with some of the top producers in the game.

Watch her share her story below:

Credit: fabwoman.ng