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Grace Junkie is an autobiographical and inspirational book by author Jacqueline Oludimu, also known as The Marriage Evangelist. Jacqueline takes you on a vivid journey of her experience of the redemptive Grace of God. From her childhood, dating in the church, failed engagement(s), pre-marital sex, and abortions up till her marriage, one thing remained evident in her life- the depth of the Father’s love for her. Her life was preserved and she was ultimately led by Abba into living a life on purpose.
Jacqueline is a Christian Life Coach and SYMBIS (Save Your Marriage Before It Starts) certified pre-marriage facilitator, convener of “Saying I Do” conference and her autobiographical debut is packed with life hacks to help every woman fully embrace the love of God. To understand that regardless of how reckless your past has been, God is always happy to transform your pain into purpose.
Grace Junkie is set to officially launch on the 12th of September 2020. Currently, it has been read as far as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada with a plethora of positive feedback from readers.
What people are saying about Grace Junkie
“I am a quarter way through and I’m quaking! It is a lot! I see the liberation anointing on this book. I do clearly! My heart is beating so fast and I am quickly renewing my commitment to parenting God’s way and with wisdom and keen observation etc. Just so so deep, unraveling dimensions. Too many lessons already – Debola Deji-Kurunmi
“This book is for anyone who struggles to believe that God can still love them, despite their past. Jackie rips the veil between the preacher and the one who is preached to; she shares her own journey openly and honestly, in a way that shows off the Grace of God. As you read it, put yourself in her shoes, remember all the times God has shown up for you and, most importantly, know that nothing can separate you from His love.”– Omotayo Adeola
“Whilst reading, I smiled at a couple of junctions, pausing to pray at others. It’s amazing how God takes us through fire and we come out with burns turning into scars yet we shine. Even those scars fade away over time and the marks are there just as reminders and nudges to help pull the next person(s) through. This book is surely going to take the reader on a roller coaster of emotions – more importantly not just informing but equipping. Well done Jacqueline!.”- Aderonke Abiona
“ You have a truly compelling story. Very humbling reading as you share on abuse as a child, father’s absence, mother’s resolve at a career, sex education and it’s lack, therefore, disappointment, premarital sex, abortion, broken engagement ‘S’, dating in the Church. The book is a good read, an easy read as well. An open one, as your husband gave his blessings to allow you to share experiences with your past relationships. I enjoyed the flow of the story, made it so cool to read. This sentence caught my attention, ‘The protection of one child is the protection of many.” – Adenike Oyetunde
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