Iyameto catering servoce


Someone once said women are the best multi-taskers, that is exactly what Mosopefoluwa represents, a woman who can manage and joggle more than one task and excel in all.

The experienced event planner is the Creative Director at Mode Seven Events and   doubles as the Head Chef at Iyameto’s kitchen, a catering company she founded about 3 years ago. She has a diploma in Mass Communication from Olabisi Onabanjo University. Ago Iwoye. Lagos & also a basic presentation certificate from Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria. Lagos.

She has worked as a co-host on two different shows on radio and also worked as a production manager at a movie production company.   Mosopefoluwa is often called a philanthropist & has volunteered for a number of organisations which include Mich Consulting, Inspiro Consulting, The Pamilerin Company, Christmas on The Streetz, an organisation that caters for the less privileged, specifically at Christmas and many more.

She is the event planner for the Australian Education Exhibition annual event where her company provides 50 stand assistants for delegates yearly and also the event planner for BTDT Hub, Lagos and coordinates the annual Leadership Legendary Lessons and the masterclasses. She currently serves as the service coordinator at her church and supervises all departments at church amongst many other events.

She has a genuine interest in young men and women who are interested in business & generally need a push in life to start up new things & move from where they are to where they want to  and she has been privileged to speak with and inspire undergraduates, graduates and entrepreneurs across Nigeria.

In her words; “The world may not accept you immediately, but be consistent”.

She shares her inspiring story with Esther Ijewere in this interview.

Childhood Influence

Yes, my childhood influenced me. However, I had no idea I’d be doing this. I never learnt how to cook from any catering service, but my mum is a professional caterer and I’ve practically watched her cook every other day. She had also worked at a hotel, in charge of hospitality, worked at some other, organisations as a caterer. I’d visit her at work during school breaks.

Inspiration behind “Iyameto”

I had a conversation with an older friend a few years ago & they talked about not being able to eat as much as they needed to. I mentioned I could make soups for them regularly that they’d stock up in their refrigerator & pick up whenever they needed to eat. I made the first set of soups, they picked up & they were impressed. So, I thought “why not make this into a business for busy parents, bachelors& more?”

Being a certified event planner and mass communicator but pitching my tent catering services

I picked interest in catering because I observed a pattern during events, especially parties at the caterer’s stand & I wanted to make a change.

Reception of my widely delivered local snacks

The reception has been fantastic & gets me super excited every single time! The catering business started less than 5 years ago but it feels like I’ve been in it for so long. People easily relate with the business & most importantly are amazed by business name. The “widely delivered local snacks” has received fabulous reception & folks recommend us over & over again after they’ve had a feel of it. Someone once mentioned on social media that i (Iyameto’s kitchen) invented it. That felt good even though I didn’t invent it. It shows I’m doing it right!

My multiple certification and personal growth

It has given me more experience & also help me feel more confident that I can fit into different fields if and when I find myself there. It also makes me more versatile & it has been what I had interest in from childhood, so I intentionally went a step further to train for them. It is also what I thought I’d be practicing at the moment & I like doing.

Other projects and activities

I consult for start ups, I speak at seminars and trainings package, I also help busy mums & families shop for groceries, some monthly, some quarterly. I volunteer for NGO’s as often as I have the opportunity to. I package & sell food items to folks within & outside the country.

Challenges of being a Caterer

Deliveries! Deliveries!! Deliveries!!!! The dispatch (courier) companies. Logistics & transportation is basically one of the major challenges. Managing humans is also not as easy but we keep building & getting better at it.

Unexpected increase in price of goods as is also one. In a case where you have given cost to your customers/clients, you meet a different price at the local market but you have to deliver anyway!

My community service and it’s impact

Christmas On the Streetz (an annual giveaway/hangout) I discovered in 2018 on Twitter. Pamilerin foundation, Inspiro consulting & a few others I had volunteered for over the years. Giving to needy individuals & reminding myself that everyone out there needs a lifting at some point in life. Basically trusting myself to do better and do more & believing that others can have Hope based on how I inspire them to do more & be better people, generally!

Being a Woman of Rubies

I am exceptional! I am hardworking! I am a humanitarian! I am a philanthropist! I have failed many times but I never give up! I didn’t have it all rosy growing up but I am becoming! I treat everyone I meet well & I do not look down on anyone! I am focused! I make the best of every situation I find myself!

To young women who want to go into catering business

To every young woman out there who aspires to go into the catering business! Believe in yourself, you can do it if you really want to! Start from where you are! Build up! Don’t expect the world to accept you the first day you kick off!! Also, be sure you can handle all that comes with it. Some days are high, some days are low! Take feedback from those who patronize you or eat freely from you & be a better caterer! Sometimes, cook for people around you & ask that they rate your cooking, the real but firm ones! Be confident! The “world” may not accept you immediately but be persistent! I’d also like to say, be sure you have passion for it before you go into it! Don’t give up when the results don’t look like it. Be consistent!!!