Interview Tips


If you have spent a minute in the job hunting scene, you will agree with me that the interview process is stressful and hectic. You are trying to make a good impression while at the same time, trying to exude confidence and capability of handling the job.

Then there is the fear of doing too much or doing too little and not being called back after the interview.

I can relate with you and I understand how you feel.

Sure, looking professional is important and should be taken seriously. However, if you look good and don’t know how to conduct yourself throughout the interview, you probably won’t get the job. It’s that simple.

There is an art to doing a good job during the interview, and this article is here to show you how.

Dress Like You Already Have The Job.

The most basic of all the interview tips is to come dressed professionally. My tip? Dress like you already have the job. What I mean by that is actually going to the company’s website and having a look at their employee pictures. Most companies have those, and you can see what kind of clothes they’re wearing.

 If they don’t have those, then go with the tried and true interview uniform:

  • Black or navy slacks
  • White blouse or button-down
  • A structured blazer
  • Pointed-toe pumps or ballet flats
  • Structured bag

You can never go wrong with this professional attire.

Do Your Homework.

The easiest way to show your interviewer that you are keen on getting the position you are interviewing for is to know about the company. Go on their website or social media account and really read up about them.

Write down their mission statement along with any cool information you find out about the company. At the interview, when asked, “So, why do you want to work here?”, use something you found out about them earlier in your answer! This is the easiest way to impress your interviewer.

Be Friendly.

This completely goes without saying, but be friendly. Have a smile throughout the interview as it makes you look approachable. Friendliness goes a long way at interviews. Interviewers are more likely to hire someone who is easy to talk to and approachable than someone who looks super serious and stern. Unless, of course, the job you are interviewing for is one which needs that kind of a look.

Be Confident.

Along with being friendly, show the interviewer that you are also confident in your skills. If you’re not somebody who is naturally confident, practice saying your answers out loud at home or with a friend. Doing that will get you ready and eliminate the unnecessary umms that might come when you’re unprepared.

Also, try to remember that the interviewer will probably make you feel as comfortable as can be. They usually know that people get nervous during an interview, so don’t sweat it if you get a little nervous.

Don’t Lie On Your Resume.

One of the biggest interview tips I have is to be truthful on your resume. Trying to seem like you know it all and including things that aren’t true on your resume are going to get you in trouble. Don’t do it. If you can’t speak French, don’t have it as one of the languages you’re fluent in. Imagine how embarrassed you will be when the interviewer starts speaking to you in French.

Clean Up Your Social Media.

Something a lot of interviewers and HR personnel do these days is looking people up on social media. It’s a good idea to either clean up any pictures you wouldn’t want your future employer looking at, or setting your accounts as private.

The thing to remember here is that you will, hopefully, be representing the company. Most employers probably won’t want someone working for them who post inappropriate content online.

Ask Questions.

At the end of the interview, you will probably be asked if you have any questions for the interviewer. This is a good chance for you to find out additional information about the job, as well as the working environment.

Some good questions to ask are:

  • What’s your favorite thing about working here?
  • What does a typical day look like here?
  • What do you think are some qualities which will make a person excel in this role?
  • What are the expectations of someone working in this role?

Which of these tips resonate with you?
What other interview tips do you have yo share with others? Do share them in the comment box below.