ID Cabassa


The international day of the family is a United Nations designated day to create awareness about the family. Every year on May 15, various stakeholders across the globe gather to celebrate the family and this year was another opportunity to celebrate the beauty of the African family at the African Family Life Delegate Conference which is an annual event organized by the Institute of Family Engineering and Development in conjuction with United Nations Information center and the network of family life professionals.

The conference which is in its 6th year had some of the best minds on family life across Africa in attendance virtually at this year’s conference as various panelists deliberated on;

Family: A pathway to global peace in the midst of global chaos and disruption

The director of the Institute Mrs. Dinma Nwobi welcomed the delegates to the conference by encouraging them to all become agents of peace in their various nations.

Delivering the keynote was Praise Fowowe the lead researcher at Praise Fowowe Research LLC based in Irving Texas.

Praise Fowowe delivered an emotional key note that took delegates through the origin of wars and chaos through human history and how the little things we neglected from our family systems could produce global tyrants.

He noted that at the root of every chaos and global wars is a sense of superiority powered by a sense of superiority beliefs which drives how we see what we see.

He went ahead to recommend what delegates must begin to do;

1.Promote humanity through aggressive human education

2.Embrace and promote a family system that can promote the best interest of all – Be family systems engineering compliant

3.Model diplomacy and assist children master it

4.Master the power of meaning and refuse to be a part of any venture or movement that compromise the dignity of humanity – Drop the baton

5.Become an instrument of peace & spread the energy of love

6.Families becoming clans which become villages all over again with dispute resolution systems

7.Leverage family centered politicians to push policies that can promote family peace

The conference also had distinguished panelist like Dr. Adeyemi Agbelusi who is a global alternative dispute resolution expert, ID Cabassa a music producer, Dr. Sam Egbube the honorable commissioner for budget and economic planning Lagos State Government in Nigeria and Ghaniya Olokodana a clinical psychologist.

The conference communique was issued by the team at the end of the conference with the conclusion that every family must embrace a system that can promote and produce lovers as against traumatized kids who become traumatized adult

The institute for family Engineering and Development is Nigeria’s premier family life certification institute.