The 2018 Youth Olympics is underway in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Nine days into the competition, Nigeria finally recorded her very first gold medal, courtesy of Rosemary Chukwuma, who dominated the girls’ 100 metres event.

(Photo: IAAF via Twitter)

Chukwuma entered the competition as the fastest in the girls’ 100 metres. Although she finished third in the first stage, she managed to build up enough pace in the final stage of the race. Her effort paid off as she finished in a time of 11.17 seconds

According to IAAF’s website, this would have been a record for the Youth Olympics were it not for the wind, which was going at 3.3 miles per second. Speaking about what gave her that last push to win the race, the 16-year-old said:

“I had to do it! My people were watching and they had told me I had to win, because Nigeria had not won any medals.”


Credit: konbini.com